Headaches and Dehydration: Does Dehydration cause headaches?

Headache, one of the most common issues nowadays and usually contemplates as the sign of a considerable predicament too. But factually, it is spot on and makes sense because every time it escorts with flu, chronic pains, colds, and food poisoning, etc. Nevertheless, sometimes people fail to identify the core cause of pain because they never take dehydration a staid matter of discussion.

Yes, you heard it right, dehydration is the leading cause of the headache, and it happens when a human body starts losing fluids repeatedly.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 60% of your body needs a proper intake of water to function correctly. So, ignoring water not only causes headaches but introduces various other problems as well.

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Major Causes of dehydration

Your body dehydrates due to the following reasons including;

  • Vomiting & Diarrhoea
  • Not drinking water when you feel unwell
  • Various medical conditions including diabetes and kidney infection cause you to urinate frequently
  • A cold and sore throat could be the primary cause of dehydration
  • Staying outside in scorching weather

Association between headache and dehydration

No matter if your body experiences mild or moderate dehydration, if always causes a severe headache that cannot be tolerated majority of the time. One primary type of headache is migraine, and it still gets triggered by a dehydrated body. Whenever you experience a headache, you must adequately examine the intake of water. If you haven’t drunk enough water, then indisputably, you have a dehydrated body.

How to avoid dehydration headaches?

The ultimate solution to avoid dehydration headaches is to keep your body hydrated all the time. Make a habit of drinking four to six glasses of water a day, or drink more if you want glowing skin.

If you are a fitness freak and exercise is a crucial part of your routine, you must include various other fluids, including fresh fruit juices, to replace water lost through sweats.

A vital Point to consider is that not all the fluids are the excellent replacement of water. For instance, the excessive intake of coffee and alcohol can never substitute the importance of water; instead, they are harmful to the human body. If you are a coffee lover or prefer alcohol over other drinks, then we must tell you one thing that both of these beverages work as diuretics and play a fundamental role in urination and could be the probable cause of headaches.

Your dry skin, dull body, dark urine, and dark circles give subtle signals about the perpetual ignorance of fluid intake. It would help if you took those signs seriously to avoid the significant damage.

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Stay Hydrated to prevent migraines

If you have dehydration headaches, then the paramount solution is to increase your water intake. However, you must understand that the excessive and quick consumption of water can lead to sluggish feeling, so drink carefully. Develop the habit of consuming two to three sips of water every 10 minutes because it’s the unsurpassed elucidation of spending a healthy life.