Hazards Of Having a Leaking Roof: Everything You Need to Know

A leaking roof might be something you’re holding off for some days, but there are more than one reasons to address this problem as soon as possible. Other than the strain it puts on the framing of your roof, it is also a foundation of mold, affects insulation, and promotes fire hazards at your place. It can also cause a personal injury to your loved ones.

A reputable leaking roof repairs Brisbane service provider should be able to handle the structural detonation, mold & insulation damage, fire & shock hazard, and mildew issues.

Following are some uncommon ways how a leaking roof can damage your house:

Ceiling & Attic Damage:

Your ceiling and attic are the first to be damaged by a leaking roof. Your possessions stored in the attic space, ceiling material, and overall structure of the roof become prone to mold.

Moreover, if you don’t have an attic, the leakage can damage the interior ceiling directly. The moisture in the ceiling makes it darker and causes the paint to expand and bubble.

Make sure to contact a professional roofing services provider as soon as you suspect leakage in your roof.

Wasted Energy:

Another key hazard of a leaking roof is wasted energy and high utility bills. As discussed earlier, a leakage affects the overall insulation of the house. Thereby, you’ll be using more gas and electricity to maintain the temperature and your home will lose the cool or warm air more quickly than before – causing higher utility bills.

Health Concerns:

If the issue is not resolved on time, moisture in the roof promotes mold and mildew issues. It can spread further to the overall foundation of the house i.e. the ceiling, attic, HVAC system, vents, and then to the rest of the house.

It can also evade your windows, wood framing, carpets, rugs, and furniture.

The accumulation of mold in your house structure can cause serious health hazards – especially to children and the elderly. Even if the mold is non-toxic, it can cause skin allergy and irritation to people with sensitive skin.

Fire Hazard

Water leaking from the roof can come in contact with electric wires in your ceiling and cause a short circuit. In the worst possible scenario, it can also lead to a fire.

Even if the leaking roof doesn’t cause water damage, it is still dangerous because it can lead to metal junction boxes in your ceiling and these boxes have uncovered electric wires.

Therefore, once you’ve located a serious leakage in your roof, turn off the main electric switch and call for professional roof repair services as soon as possible.

Final Verdict:

These are just a few hazards of having a leaking roof and they should never be taken lightly. After inspecting the situation on your own, call for professional help and get your roof repaired as soon as possible.