Hazard Warning Signs & Other Preventive Measures on Work Places | Factful Reading

Whenever there is construction on big projects, one needs to be more cautious. Accidents happen within a few seconds without knowing what’s the factor behind them. Various accidents have been reported due to electrical shock. If you’re running a project that has high voltage working, look for an electrical warning sign to prevent uncertainties.

Generally, places of work are supplied with more than 200 volts. However, it can vary depending on the project. What are the major concerns when working with electricity?

  1. Workers in direct contact causing shock and burns.
  2. Not care of faults which lead to a fire.
  3. A naked wire can be a source of fire or explosion. 

More risk is associated with wet or damp conditions when the electrical work is going on. It’s significant to take preventive measures to make low chances of injuries & damages. 

Basics of Contact with Electricity

The damage to the body is based on the contact with the level of voltage. Let’s know the considerations that determine the strength of the effect electric shock has on our body:

  1. The first factor is the voltage level.
  2. The body resistance amount we have to the current flow.
  3. The path that electric current follows through our body.
  4. The time length that the electric current flows through our body.

There are many situations where workers come into contact with electricity and cannot remove themselves from the electrical source. We all have studied the human body to be a good conductor of electricity. 

Once you touch a person in contact with an electrical source, the electricity will flow through your body immediately. From childhood, we are taught to switch off the source of electricity       (not with wet hands and barefoot). Workers must ensure to turn off the electrical source by following safety guidelines. Also, make sure to use non-conducting objects afterwards. For instance- fibreglass object, etc. 

What are the Responsibilities of an Employer?

➤The owner or the person in charge of the work must ensure connections are adequately checked and maintained. The cables and wires should be replaced over time if there are higher chances of shock & fire. 

➤ Place the hazard warning signs not only for the workers. In case your work is somewhere around the public places where one can approach by default in non-working hours. The sign-boards can be a lifesaver. Otherwise, it can be a risk to somebody’s life. 

➤Be certain to provide safety clothing or uniform to the workers while they are on the job. Monitor from time to time that everyone is following the rules strictly. Can take certain actions if workers don’t follow the safety guidelines as you can be responsible for their injuries or deaths.

In the End 

Look for a competent person who possesses the skills & expertise to handle dangerous work. Opt the signs that are visible easily and that too from some distance. Hazard sign-boards are the first safety measure to let others be aware of the risk. Apart from signboards, follow the above guidelines to make a work-friendly environment.