Have You Outgrown Your Office?

An office space is one where we learn to adapt with changes going on around us. As the changes begin to happen and the team changes, it’s natural to let the office space fall into the background.

Over time, work forces grow, more desks are added and the office can be outgrown. Meaning it’s time to look at bigger office spaces to house you, your team and the accumulated furniture.  

Growing out of the office isn’t a negative but has to be addressed to ensure you’re meeting all the needs of the business and employees.

Storage Issues

Storage can be an issue even in the biggest of office spaces. But when more units can’t be added and you have maxed out the storage options, it’s time to consider you might be at capacity.

With all the paperwork and office essentials, you need to have spare room for additional files and important documents. There needs to be flexibility at work, but without the access to additional storage this could become difficult.

No Privacy

All offices need privacy. For visitors, internal meetings and for quiet working. No matter the need, privacy spaces are needed to break the office up.

If you’re lacking in the privacy department and lacking the available space for the privacy, changes need to be made. Small area’s can be made with acoustic office screens, but if this is a push, take a look at the office space market.

Building The Team

In the event that the office is growing and new team members are being added, it’s obvious more space will be used.

It can’t be denied that the growth of a team is great for a business and shows that more jobs are becoming available, and that as a business you are getting bigger. But when it becomes difficult to comfortably seat everyone, your office and space options should be evaluated.

Reduce Productivity

Have you noticed a dip productivity levels?

That could be down to a workplace that is found less than satisfactory. Sitting amongst colleagues in a cramp environment is enough to affect office mood, which in turn can affect the amount of work being completed.

Working in stressful conditions will have a negative effect on your employees. Think spacious and personal workspaces for a happy and positive work team.

Meeting Rooms

Trying to slot in a meeting into an already busy calendar is hard enough, let alone when the meeting rooms are always booked.

If your business is the type to have regular meetings and rooms are being used constantly, it’s imperative that you have enough rooms and spaces available to serve the purpose.

When the fighting over meeting rooms begins, something has to give. Meeting the requirement of your business and employees is the main focus of all office spaces.

Adnan Sarpal

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