Have you ever tried these amazing Liquorice Allsorts

Usually we associate the candies with positivity and joy but candies have some health benefits as well. Candies are the most appropriate food item you can have in your bag and can take a break anytime you want from the daily life stress. Candies are the symbol of gratitude, love, celebrations and happiness. Since carbohydrates are basic necessity to live so candies act as fuel for our bodies. Just like the other food items different variety of candies has different nutrients. The mixture of liquorice confectionary when sold together is known as liquorice allsorts and they are really appreciated for different flavours. It is the combination of gelatine, coconut, fruit flavourings etc. It is made up of assorted flavours and colors of delicious and mouth watering candies. The best part about liquorice allsorts is that it a wonderful mix of the candies we all know and love. Since it is made up of the natural colors and flavours thus it is healthy to eat and a best suit for treat to kids.

About Liquorice allsorts:

Liquorice allsorts is one the very popular British candy and are enjoyed by people in many countries. It was first introduced by Bassett’s confectionery company, which is a company famous for manufacturing original products and is based on Sheffield, England.  Liquorice allsorts were firstly introduced in the year 1899 and since then it became famous and loved by the customers. Liquorice is the substance which is extracted from the roots of the liquorice plant and further it is mixed with sugar and different flavours to give origin to the liquorice allsorts.

Two most famous types of Liquorice allsorts are mentioned below:

Coconut liquorice allsorts: It is the type of candy which is loved by most of the customers. Even though in the parties the person who finds the coconut candy without searching from the selection is considered to be the luckiest one.

Brown and black sandwich: As the name suggests this candy is brown and black in colour. The brown layers present in the candy gave it a mild cocoa taste. These layers are very sugary and grainy and give a mesmerizing flavour in the mouth.

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