Have the best beach vacation at Fort Myers

Fort Myers has been a top tourist attraction for longer. Fort Myers is popular mainly for its warm, clear water, soft white sand, and sun-soaked beaches. Layered on affordable accommodation, plenty of fun things to do, and fine dining options. The combination makes Fort Myers an irresistible place for anyone who wants the best beach vacation. 

Things to enjoy for the best beach vacation at Fort Myers.

Here are the most amazing things to enjoy at Fort Myers for the best beach vacation. 

Enjoy a Dolphin and Wildlife Cruise

Are you a nature enthusiast? Enjoy a spectacular eco excursion leaving the marina in Fort Myers Beach to explore offshore waters. You can enjoy a lucrative tour in the comfort of a well-equipped boat. You can enjoy the lookout for manatees, dolphins, and various marine life and birds. 

Spend a day at Lovers Key State Park 

Visiting Lovers Key State Park is another one of the best things to do in Fort Myers. It is stretched over 712 acres and extended across the Inner Key regions, the Black Island, and Long Key. The park is accessible from Bonita Beach and preserves various natural habitats. 

Here you can also partake in various outdoor activities, including:

  • Hiking 
  • Cycling 
  • Sunbathing 
  • Boating 
  • Swimming 
  • Shelling 

Wildlife spotting is another amazing activity you can enjoy here. The two-mile beach here is offered to enjoy public activities along with a boat ramp, picnic area, and playgrounds for children. 

Enjoy a party atmosphere in cycle boats.

Are you a visitor to Fort Myers who has the mood to enjoy a party environment? You can also do this away from the pub and traditional bar at Fort Myers. 

Enjoy the fun and unique experience of onboarding a cycle boat here. This is a long-sailing vessel type of boat featuring a bar in the middle. Patrons usually sit around this bar, and everyone paddles combinedly to move through the water. 

You can enjoy music, fresh beverages, and breathtaking coastal scenery onboard. 

Take part in water sports. 

You can enjoy a variety of water sports by visiting Fort Myers Beach. You can either use an equipment rental facility or join tours offered by different Water Sports Companies. 

Paddleboards, parasails, sailboats, wave runners, paddleboards, etc., are available for visitors here. You will also get safety instructions and equipment to stay safe while enjoying your favorite water sport at Fort Myers Beach. 

You can also join the adventure and nature tours offered by different companies here. These tours are best for highlighting the marine life of the area. 

Final Remarks:

Are you looking for fun in the sun? There are plenty of things to do on the beaches around Fort Myers. We have mentioned some of the best things to enjoy the best beach vacation at Fort Myers. So, plan your trip to Fort Myers accordingly to spend some fun-filled, quality time here.