Have a good sleep on a more comfortable bed

Memory Foam Pillow:  Part of a Comfortable Bed

When we were young, we used to be asked by our parents, again and again, to straighten our room and make the bed. Haven’t the question ever occurred to you that why it was so important to make the bed even when it would be soon unmade again that night? Even as grown-ups, some of us may still hold the question.

Just like many other things, this belief of mom and dad makes sense as well. It is discovered by recent research that a cleanroom could lead to a better night’s sleep.

A bedroom is not just named after the bed it happens to house in it—it is a personal environment for you to enjoy your sleep. To have quality sleep, a proper sleep environment is very essential. And that is much more than just sweeping the room to prevent allergies, though cleanness is also an incredibly helpful factor of it.

In short, a perfect sleep environment should be all-inclusive. According to the research, there are the following situations in which people tend to sleep better:

  • When the beds are made every day,
  • When the bed sheets are clean, being changed once a week,
  • When the bedrooms are dark and cool,
  • When people sleep on comfortable mattresses and pillows.

Even the scent of the sheets is mentioned: with a clean, fresh scent of the sheets, people tend to sleep more comfortably.

It should always be emphasized that a clean, cool, dark, and comfortable atmosphere is crucial for an ideal sleep environment.

An ideal sleep environment can soothe all the sense of your body and ease you into sleep. A cool bedroom temperature, to begin with, has a positive impact on sleep. Also, by using low wattage bulbs near the beds and making sure all lights are off at bedtime, you can have a dark room. And a quiet room needs you to shut off all electronics: TV, computers, mobile phones, and so on—if outside noises have become an issue, try using a fan or a noise machine to keep you from disturbance.

Again, none of these would matter if you fail to get comfortable, which many people neglect when seeking good sleep. To build a perfect sleep environment, you would need a comfortable mattress and pillow to be your blocks. The mattress and pillow should be just right for you, and supportive as well, only then can you have a chance to acquire a better sleep experience.

As for pillows, one key point to guarantee their best performance is to make regular replacement. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you will be persuaded to replace your pillow fairly often for the two following reasons. Firstly, considering the long time that your head presses against the pillow, it’s reasonable that its structure will break down over time.

The second, although a little disgusting to think of, is quite persuasive: your pillow absorbs your body oil, dead skin cells, and hair every day, thus there will be gems and mold that grow there and finally reach your pillowcase.

As a result, the National Sleep Foundation recommends you replace your pillow at least every two years. The less money you spend on it, the more frequently you should replace it.

However, if you still refuse to let go of your old pillow, there is a trick from Elite Daily to find out whether you can wait any longer before purchasing a new pillow, and stop you from making more excuses.

First, lay your pillow across your arm, and then observe how the pillow is folded.

Is that a slight fold, with the filling sticking out at the ends? If so, then your pillow is still “alive” with perfect structural integrity.

But if your pillow folds limply over your arm like an old saddle bay without bounce back into its shape, then, unfortunately, it is already “dead” and needs replacement.

But now that you’re going to up your pillow game, it might be time to consider a memory foam pillow. This mildly firm pillow can last longer, considering its different structure. Also, its special pressure point can relieve features such as relieving the neck and back pain by making the muscles relax in it, serving as a part of a comfortable bed.

So much have you learned a lot about how to make your sleep environment satisfying and comfortable, it is time for you to take a try in your own room and make efforts to achieve a good sleep tonight.