Have A Fancy Shower: Pamper Yourself

We all have to go through an exhausting work schedule every day. Nothing is less on the plate for a stay at home parent or caretakers. So after a hectic day, we find a little time to rejuvenate ourselves in the shower: hot water, aromatic bath bombs, a glass of wine, and peace. To make your shower time more fun and classic, let’s get to know some shower tricks and tips.


Shower Timing

This thing is entirely a personal preference and depends on your age or the environment you’re in. But showering before work will keep you fresh and motivated for the day.

The second shower before sleep or a mini-honeymoon is always great.

Water Temperature

If you are devastated from the day’s work, take a hot water shower. It’ll give you the feeling of a spa and help to feel fresh. 

Take a cold-water shower after heavy exercise or long sleep.

But for a regular time, mix the hot and cold water on a 60:40 ratio. This proportion will help to maintain fair skin and mood.

For Uninterested Fella

It is common for children to make tantrums before bath, especially in winter. Older adults also face some problems to stand under the shower or to dive in the tub. Keeping their needs in mind, you can go for a walk in showers. These are custom designed shower assets. You will find handles, shower cases, shelves, sitting platforms, slide doors (both full and half-length), shower curtains, and many more.

They will rearrange your shower according to your need and budget. All the designs and materials are custom made and crafted with care.

Barely has it taken any extra space. So, if you have a small shower zone, don’t worry. Pretty sure you’ll find something to make your bath space more cozy and fun. Kids will thank you for this.


Keep all the bathroom accessories, like shampoo, conditioner, hair removal cream, shaving foam, shower gel, face wash, etc. in the shower only. This will help you to have a complete, calming bath and keep your bedroom sorted.



Apply body oil and massage for a minute or two before the shower. Then wash it with your regular shower gel. A smart tip to not let your skin dry off and keep it moisturized always.

For regular use, choose a non-foaming soap shower gel, or shampoo. These contain less salinity and sulphur—a friendly choice for you.

Never use a harsh loofah to wash off the foam. It’ll leave your skin rough and dehydrated.


Floor Hygiene 

Always keep it clean and dry. A messy bathroom is a bad start for the day. It can cause several skin diseases. Slipping on Wet floors and having a fracture is the most common household accident.

Electric Devices 

Never use a hair straightener/curler/trimmer in the bathroom. Anytime these can come in contact with the water and cause harm. 

Don’t Keep Tubs Filled.

If you have toddlers in-home or almost disabled elders, never leave a filled tub without any watch. They may fall in and not manage to come out. Hundreds of cases are daily registered in the USA regarding this. So it’s always better to be cautious than sorry. 

Shower Pampers 

Keep some aromatic candles in the bathroom. You can Light them during a relaxing shower. It’ll refresh your mind and body. 

Use floral smelled bath products. That will give you a natural, soothing bath sensation.

You can keep a little radio or music system near the bathroom and play your favourite track to pamper yourself a bit. 

Don’t rush. Pamper yourself. Take a good shower and get ready for the next day.