Hashtag Kalakar


Hashtag Kalakar is an event management startup with a unique amalgam of skilled players, visionaries, designers, strategists, marketers and planners, thriving to deliver consistent & creative opportunities to the participants.

India’s first event management company to encourage and create opportunities for Singers, Artists, Writers, Photographers and many more.

#Kalakar has created a unique platform to promote the participants and facilitate recognition by industry experts.

Hashtag Kalakar was established by the event management experts from different industries to create opportunities for everyone.

The most trusted brand in India with the sponsorship and support from various companies.

It is guaranteed to get recognition if an individual participates in the competition.

The company is launched in 2021 with already pre booked 1 billion subscribers to witness the performance of the participants and encourage them.

Hashtag Kalakar has great valuable experience in providing management for all the events. According to 3 Elements Events, the essence of every job is management, they plan and manage every event with the fullest commitment and dedication to ensure satisfaction.

#Kalakar is created to fuel the participants with the recognition, glory and fame.

It’s an entertainment, artist, and talent management company specially designed and developed for budding new talents and artists who want a break through the relevant industry platform.

As a full-fledged event management company, striving to create unparalleled event experiences. Their established systems and processes ensure a seamless flow of work from beginning to end.

#Kalakar breaks barriers when they need to. And go that extra mile. Although based in Mumbai, their capabilities go beyond national and international borders.

Their expertise transcends industries. From Auto, IT, and Retail to Financial Services, Tourism and F&B, they have made their mark as a company that exceeds expectations. They understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and that is why all the events are tailor-made as per requirements.

Register For

Creative Writing
1st Prize – Rs.1,00,000/-
2nd Prize – Rs.80,000/-

Selection Procedure

  1. From all the registered writers/poets top 100 written work will be selected by the judges, after that all the screening will be done on the basis of the audience voting.
  2. Best 100 writers/poets will receive the instructions about the competition. (Our team will promote the work of top 100 writers/poets)
  3. Audience voting will be done online on the website. (Voting system will be explained to the participants).
  4. Judges will also evaluate the writers/poems on the basis of the creativity and writing skills and the score given by the judges will carry 50% of the total votes. (voting calculation will be explained to the best 100 writers/poets)
  5. Writers/Poets receiving maximum votes will be selected for the next round.

Perks of the Competition

  1. First Prize will receive Rs.1,00,000/-.
  2. Second Prize will receive Rs.80,000/-.
  3. Writers/Poets will get name and fame because our team will be promoting the work of Writers/Poets.
  4. The work of top 100 writers/poets will be published in our #Kalakar Magazine.
  5. Participating Certificate will be given.

Music and Singing Competition
1st Prize – Rs.1,00,000/-
2nd Prize – Rs.80,000/-

Arts and Painting
1st Prize – Rs.1,00,000/-
2nd Prize – Rs.80,000/-

Type of Art Work Allowed

  1. Sketching – The creation of original work by applying pencil/color pencils to a surface.
  2. Acrylic Painting – The creation of original work by applying acrylic paint to a surface. The
    surface is not limited to canvas; it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, glass, etc.
  3. Oil Painting – The creation of original work by applying oil paint, oil sticks, or oil pastels to a
    surface. The surface is not limited to canvas; it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, etc.
  4. Watercolor – The creation of work using watercolor paint. The surface is not limited to canvas;
    it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, etc.
  5. Monochromatic Drawing – A monochromatic drawing consists of lines that use a single color
    and shades of that color that may be done using pencil, ink, charcoal, etc. Any use of
    additional color should be entered into colored drawing.
  6. Colored Drawing – A colored drawing consists of lines of two or more colors and may be done
    using colored pencils, markers, etc.
  7. Pastels – An art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powder pigment and a binder.
    A pastel is usually a painting rather than drawing because the color is applied in masses rather
    than lines. Encaustic painting should be entered into this category.
  8.  Sculpture – Art created by shaping, combining, modeling or casting materials such as plastic,
    clay, textiles, wax or polymers into a work of art. They may be free standing or relief.
  9. Fine Art, Mixed Media – The use of two or more fine arts techniques in the creation of a
    single piece of fine art. Using two types of paint (oil and acrylic)

    For any queries contact hashtagkalakar@gmail.com