Has Online Education Replaced The Need To Travel Abroad For Studies?

Pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do everything. Be it studies, work, shop, entertainment, learning, interaction with other people, every aspect of our lives has shifted online. Digital has proven to be the answer to the challenges posed by the deadly virus. Rudraksh Immigration Group is an established overseas consultancy in Mohali. It has been in the industry for over 28 years now. The experienced staff at Rudraksh Group expresses their opinions on whether the overseas education industry will see a complete overhaul post-pandemic or will things return to the way they were before.

Situation in Schools

Now, there are arguments to be made on both sides of the board. The education of the students in schools has suffered tremendously. It would’ve been okay to keep the children away from schools if it were for a couple of months only. However, almost two years are being wasted which would affect their careers in the long run. Hence, online education is the best solution under the circumstances to ensure some form of continuity in the children’s education.

Situation in Universities

Similarly, universities have been shut down for a long time now. This has caused pain in the ongoing curriculums of many students across the globe. Somehow, they have managed to resume their studies online too. But the worst situation is being faced by the people who are stuck between school and university. This becomes especially worrisome for the students who wanted to start a degree abroad after completing some part of their education in India.

They are not sure about the restrictions imposed by other countries on foreign students. Additionally, there were in uncertainty regarding their future even in India because the pandemic caused havoc here more than anywhere else in the world. Online education came as a boon to a whole lot of students who, at least, commenced their courses partially online even in foreign universities. This meant that till the time the students are not physically allowed to travel keeping in mind the health hazards, they could start digitally. Of course, this is not a substitute, but this is the best the conditions allow at this point in time.

Online Education Not The Permanent Solution

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that online education did replace physical education during these times. However, it is not a permanent solution because of various factors. For starters, overseas education doesn’t just mean studying at a university abroad. A massive aspect of it is also to get the opportunity to interact with people from various cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. It helps to understand how businesses work in the global scheme of things. Also, staying away from home for that long inculcates the habits of being independent and self-sufficient which are invaluable character traits that get developed by being physically present in another country.

Tuition Fees

Add to that, many universities still charged the same tuition fee to the students as they would if the students were to study at the university campuses. This was the dark side of online education where students had to bear the massive expenses although they were stuck at their homes all this while. This is what the experts at the Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali have to say about the pros and cons of online education. While it will not replace travelling abroad completely, it was a great and the best solution in the meantime. With the passage of time, things will return back to normal and students will again embark on the journeys to a foreign destination to pursue higher education. If you are also interested to discuss the opportunities of studying abroad, make sure to get in touch with Rudraksh Overseas Consultants in Mohali.