Harvesting Garlic – Tips on How to Harvest and Store Your Garlic

Harvesting garlic can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it is also a necessary one if you are serious about your garlic harvesting hobby. This does not only mean for the satisfaction of getting a tastier harvest every time but more importantly, this also implies that you have to exert effort and patience as you go through the harvesting process. And because it is such a tedious task, you must invest in the right equipment and tools to make things easier and speed up the process.


Garlic is mostly cultivated by leeks, not heads. Thus, one of the first tools you must own when harvesting garlic is harvesting shears. Harvesting shears is a special pair of shears specifically designed for cutting thin layers of garlic. This means you must get one that has thin blades made of carbon steel. As for the handle, you must get one with long, strong and durable hair.

Next, you should also get a good garlic cutting bag. Garlic bags come in different sizes, shapes and designs. The ones available are usually those that have a small hole in the middle and a narrow mouth. Most of them have a long handle to make it easy to handle. What’s more, these bags are made of sturdy material like heavy duty canvas or cotton cloth for more durability.

After buying the bag, you must stuff the garlic into it. There is no such thing as cutting garlic with your bare hands. If you want to pierce the garlic without puncturing your hand, then you must use garlic chives instead. These are tiny string-like grasses used to hold the cloves firmly in place. Strictly speaking, it is not a bug but a stick that you use to poke and prod at the garlic.

After stuffing the garlic into the cutting bag, you can close the bag and put it inside the refrigerator. Make sure it is completely sealed so no air can seep out. Garlic always tastes better if it’s still warm, so you must make sure the bag does not get too cold once it has been inserted into the freezer. The best way to determine if it’s already safe to eat is to cut it up using the knife, if it cuts easily, the bag is good.

Completely Ripe

Once the garlic is completely ripe enough for harvesting, you must take it outside and hang it upside down. The reason for hanging it upside down is to allow the garlic to be exposed to the natural light and to ensure that it is fresh. You can also wrap it in newspaper but be careful not to let the paper become too wet.

After the garlic is harvested, it is now time for you to store it properly. Garlic has a lot of properties that make it an excellent storage material. For one, it maintains its shape much longer than other storage materials. For another, it keeps dust and sharp objects from scratching it. It even preserves its smell for a longer period of time, making it an even more ideal container to store your garlic in.

Garlic should be frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve its quality and its flavor. Once frozen, you must dry it properly. To dry it properly, you can put the garlic into a cheesecloth bag which will trap air and allow you to let the bag cool. Leaving the bag like this for three days is recommended, because the longer you leave it, the better your garlic will be dried. Drying your garlic in this manner will also ensure that the garlic is free from pests and that it is strong enough to handle your cooking. You may store your harvest in a refrigerator, covered with cheesecloth or a second cloth bag, but it is recommended to avoid placing them in the oven or on the stove.

Importing and Exporting China Garlic

China is one of the world’s leading economic powerhouses and it supplies most of the food that we eat. A lot of people have started to realize the potential of China as a food exporter and China garlic export has become one of its key business strategies. China has opened up a new era for businesses and as a result, a lot of foreign companies are investing in China’s new economy. For example, the world’s largest producer of garlic, Sino Agricultural Products Co., a division of Sino Garlic International, is planning to expand its garlic wholesale business in China.

Garlic Wholesale Market

The garlic wholesale market in China is a key market for both exporters and importers. Most of the garlic that gets exported from China gets consumed within the country first before getting exported to other countries. The growth in the Chinese economy is forcing the imported goods, particularly those that have garlic, to grow in number. As a result, China’s garlic import rates are growing at a faster pace. Importers are finding it quite difficult to keep up with the rising Chinese garlic export rates.

China garlic export has become a boon for the farmers of garlic. They get to enjoy a better profit margin, due to high world-wide garlic demand and low supply. A farmer’s income gets boosted and his or her financial condition improves as well. China is one of the world’s top exporters of garlic and because of its popularity in the garlic market, many companies have started their own production facilities. In addition, China is the top importer of olive oil, oats, sugarcane, coffee, tea, jute, palm oil, coconut oil, potatoes, tomatoes and fish. These days, China is becoming one of the biggest sources of food products.

Read more about: onion packing bags China garlic exporters have started to export their garlic products directly to Europe, USA and Canada. China’s garlic wholesale market is also expanding its web presence so that they can expand their business globalized. As China is not only a major manufacturer of cheap raw materials but has also come up with a number of specialty products like cosmetics, clothing, shoe and furniture. The world’s leading exporters of garlic wholesale offer a wide variety of items for their global customers.