Handy Steps to Recover Lost Admin Password on ReadyNAS

Have you forgotten your Netgear ReadyNAS default password key? Tired many different ways but nothing worked to recovery the ReadyNAS default password? If yes, then don’t worry! In this article, we will share various handy steps that will help you to recover the default ReadyNAS password.

So, let’s roll the balls!

In case, you do not remember or lost the Netgear ReadyNAS admin login credentials, there are two easy methods to find them out:

  1. Via password recovery

  1. Via the physical reset button

Method 1: Via Password Recovery Web Page

Note: This method is only applicable if your ReadyNAS device has already configured via default ReadyNAS password.

  1. Turn on your computer or laptop.

  1. Launch any of your preferred web browsers and enter the ReadyNAS default IP address.

  1. The password recovery web page will pop-up on the desktop.

  1. Enter the registered email address. Make sure that you have provided the same email address that you have mentioned during the ReadyNAS setup.

  1. Choose the recovery question and enter the correct answer in the appropriate field.

  1. Now, hit on the ‘Recover’ option once you are done.

If your email address and the answer both are correct, then the new password will be sent to your registered email. Check your email, and use the new password to access the ReadyNAS admin panel.

That it! You have successfully reset the Netgear ReadyNAS password. Now you can reconfigure your ReadyNAS login password.

Method 2: Using the Physical Reset Button

This method requires physical connection access to the ReadyNAS device.

Note: Recovery of the ReadyNAS password using the reset button will only work if your ReadyNAS device is already configured.

  1. Launch any of your preferred web browser on your computer and enter the Netgear ReadyNAS default IP address.

  1. The password recovery window will pop-up on the desktop.

  1. Hit on the Reset button.

  1. A set of instructions will appear on the screen instructing you to press the Reset button on your Netgear ReadyNAS within a wink. The location of the Reset button can vary as per the model.

  1. As soon as the reset button is hit, the admin password of your ReadyNAS is reset to that as it was at the time you unboxed it.

  1. Hit on the ‘OK’ button.

  1. You are returned back to the ReadyNAS login web page, from where you can log in back using the default ReadyNAS credentials.

You have successfully recovered the ReadyNAS admin password. If you want, you can also configure a new password to secure your device.

Note: If you want to save your photographs, videos, documents, safe, then it is good to keep changing your ReadyNAS login credentials regularly once in a month. The default password can be cracked by anyone.

By the aforementioned two easy ways, you can easily recover the Netgear ReadyNAS default password. On the off chance, if nothing worked, then please get in touch with us through comments. We will assist you with the best solutions.