Handy Looks at How to Embrace Your Garden Space


According to Handy, having a beautiful and lush garden can make your property look and feel livelier. However, when the garden space is too big, it can feel like a chore to maintain the space. However, fret not, since you can utilize and come to embrace the extra garden space with a little bit of planning and DIY activity.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to embrace your garden space:

1. Create an outdoor hangout space – You can convert the extra garden space into an extension of your home and utilize the space to hang out with your friends and family members to have a fun time.

You can make use of the extra space by adding folding chairs, lounge chairs, individual chairs, benches, and other patio furniture to accommodate people. Usually, it is recommended that you limit the seating arrangement to about five people to create a more intimate ambiance.

Don’t be afraid to add a few decorative pillows or infuse the space with your personality by adding outdoor rugs and decor elements that make the space feel more inviting.

2. Personalize the space – The garden space may look dull or uninviting at first glance, especially if you don’t want to turn it into a social space. However, you can personalize the space however you want and according to your needs.

For instance, you can simply use the space to relax and unwind at the end of the day by reading books or basking outside in the sun. You can even turn the garden space into a dining space, complete with dining tables, chairs, and even a makeshift cooking area where you can cook meals and serve your guests or family members outside.

3. Spend more time in the garden space – If your garden space is filled with vibrant greenery and colorful flowers, it can be a great experience to simply stroll through the garden. Spending some time in nature can have remarkable mood-boosting effects which positively affect your mental and physical health. If you love gardening, that’s even better and can even help to combat loneliness.

However, if leisurely walks are not enough to excite you, you can simply use the space to do some aerobic exercise such as yoga and cardio to get your blood pumping. You can even turn the space into a meditation haven where you can practice meditation in peace amongst nature.

4. Add an exciting focal point – Adding a focal space in your garden space can make the space look more attractive and make it more ideal to hang out. Fountains serve as great focal points as do goldfish ponds and small waterfalls.


Handy suggests you strategically place plenty of lighting on the tables and benches and around railings in your garden to make use of the space well into the evenings. Battery-operated lanterns, solar-powered bulbs that glow softly and twinkle lights can make the garden space more inviting. Also, ensure that you add small space heaters and fire pit tables to make the garden space perfect no matter the season or weather.