10 Different Types of Handbags and How to Choose Them

Handbags are among the oldest accessories. Earlier, pouches were common to carry essential items; however, with every passing day, advanced collection of bags are offered by handbags manufacturers. The diverse options offered by handbags suppliers have become overwhelming. However, by knowing different types of bags, it will be easy for you to pick one according to the occasion or interest.

Different Types of Handbags:

Shoulder Bag:

These bags are available in different sizes but are large enough to carry all your essentials. This makes it one of the most functional and popular types of handbags. These bags are ideal for casual and formal occasions. It will be a good idea to get these in a neutral color so that these can match with different outfits.

Wicker Bags:

Wicker bags manufactured by wicker bag manufacturers have been a breeze in and out of fashion over the years. These are still best for the wardrobes because of the organic fabrications such as:

  • Straw
  • Rattan
  • Raffia
  • Wicker

Even if the bag is not part of your usual rotation, the sandy-beige color and flair, like beads, fringe, and seashells, are excellent for vacation. This bag pairs beautifully with everything from maxi dresses to jeans. You can get quality bags from China wicker bag suppliers.

Crossbody Bags:

This is a single strap style and is also named for the way it is worn. As compared to shoulder bags, these are smaller. These bags are perfect for:

  • Shopping
  • Social events
  • Travel
  • Collection of bags

These bags allow your hands to be free. You can carry these bags anytime, day or night. These are a dominant style to stock up in several:

  • Shapes
  • Textiles
  • Colors

Satchel Bags:

These are medium-sized bags and are carried through two short handles. For easier carrying, they also have a long shoulder strap. These are attractive and strong while they resemble a soft-sided briefcase too. These are large enough and ideal to carry:

  • Stash books
  • Laptops
  • Magazines

Wear one to dress up your look or to maintain a business attire stylish yet functional.

Tote Bags:

Consider these bags as a need for daily chores as these are large or single-compartment bags. When you travel, a tote bag makes it simple to throw things in and pull them out. Tote bags are frequently made with a tough, casual fabric like canvas or nylon, but they are available in a variety of fabrics and can even be a classy option for the office. They are made of structured, high-quality textiles like leather.

Evening Clutches:

The formality of these beautiful handbags can range from moderate to upscale. They are typically used as evening accessories. A beautiful or beaded clutch is appropriate for:

  • A luxurious event
  • A wedding

These have a simple design and are appropriate for any happy hour. Some have retractable shoulder straps, and some can even double as wallets, so these small types of bags have a lot of versatilities.

Backpack Bags:

Backpack bags are the types of bags that are not only for students. These can easily be carried by adults as well. They are easy to carry without the hassle of handling handbags while these bags vary in size. Some are small to carry minor items, while some are large enough to carry laptops. These are casual bags & cases are easy to carry in:

  • Traveling
  • Shopping
  • Going out for evening coffee
  • Combine study plan with friends.

Wristlet Bag:

These are available in small sizes and are ideal for carrying:

  • ID card
  • Debit card
  • Cash
  • Keys
  • Lipsticks

Some of these bags are also designed in a way that cellphones can also be carried in them. These are used for:

  • Shopping
  • The weekend festival
  • Evening outings
  • Traveling from one location to another

Hobo Bag:

Hobo bags are large, crescent-shaped, and slouchy. They look more glamorous when carried perfectly. These bags are fashion-forward and timeless in many scenarios including:

  • Casual outfits,
  • Travel
  • Evening outings

The beauty of this bag is that it feels trendy without being overly. If you want to get a feel for the look without fully committing, some designs are more rigid, preserving that delicate crescent form with minimal fabric.

Things to Consider While Choosing Handbags:

  • Choosing a handbag is not that difficult, but some vital points need to be considered. When you have appropriate knowledge related to handbags, it will be easy for you to choose the one according to your needs.
  • Inspect the design! You should get the sense that the design is real or not. Professional designers make high-quality handbags. So, it is easy to spot the quality of the handbags and judge whether one is good or bad.
  • Have a look and notice the inner stitching. Feel the material and smell it, you will get to know about its quality. A real designer bag will almost appear perfect.
  • The colors of the bags should be consistent. The inner lining should be free from flaws. You can easily judge the material and stitching.
  • The logo of the brand should be visible on the bag or inside the bag.
  • Request proof of authentication, such as serial numbers and receipts. Expensive designer bags always have authenticity cards. This card will show the brand logo of the company and include serial numbers or magnetic strips. Ask for these things.