Halloween Contact Lenses And Your Favourite Avengers Heroes

Halloween comes along we see all sorts of creepy, funny and amazing costumes around the. I mean you don’t have to be super creepy for Halloween, you can actually rock the Halloween party with a hilarious outfit or something that is really popular among the masses. Of course I am talking about the all favourites heroes of the Avengers and what better costume to use Halloween contact lenses with than any other Halloween costume.

After the avengers end game topped the box office charts, it has become perfectly clear that there is no way that people are going to forget about one of the greatest superhero films of all time. So when the for Halloween arrives we are bound to see some Avengers hero standing by our side, or we might just end up dressing like a certain iron man.

There will be more than enough people wearing such costumes for Halloween, so in order to stand out there is only one way. The special Halloween contact lenses would work wonders with Avengers costume. Of course your favourite character doesn’t have to be a superhero, it could easily by a super villain. But in any case, you cannot hope to standout for Halloween with your Avengers costume without the wholesale Halloween contact lenses.

 Here are the best and our favourite Avengers costume ideas for Halloween.

Scarlet Witch

Everybody loves the beautiful Wanda Maximoff who is also known as the Scarlet Witch. A strong and powerful woman with some super abilities makes her one of the strongest Avengers who was able to somewhat hold Thanos on her own.

If you have her in your mind as your Halloween costume inspiration, then that is wonderful. The dress and makeup is not that hard, and you can even add that head gear that we usually see in the comics. But still you cannot hope to accomplish the look unless you have some special effect Halloween contact lenses. A pair of red contact lenses or glow in the dark red contact lenses would do the trick perfectly

Doctor Strange

We have another fan favourite here, and this is a proper Halloween superhero costume inspiration. A doctor, who can use mystic arts and even turn back time and do what not, sound pretty freaky. All you need to do is get the costume and the cape to become Doctor Strange this Halloween. Just do not forget to wear some bright green Halloween contact lenses to signify the time stone and its powers you posses.


Or you could just dress up as the Avengers sharp shooter Hawkeye who is better known as Clint Barton. This guy is pretty awesome with a  bow and arrow and has some funky gear to make things interesting. This is probably the easiest costume for Halloween. You can find the costume alongside the bow and arrow from anywhere.

The tricky part is getting the wholesale Halloween contact lenses right. I personally thing that you could use the blackout contact lenses or the whiteout contact lenses to add some Hawkeye effect to the eyes. Also, if you want to improvise, you can use some extreme contact lenses such as the reptile or dragon contact lenses to signify the sharpness of the eye.

Black panther

No one will ever forget the King of Wakanda, ever. Black Panther has quite clearly become a symbol for us folks. And the costume is so cool that you just cannot get yourself to avoid wearing this on Halloween. This was such an iconic figure in the whole Avengers series.

So what can we do to look like the black panther? Well, we need to get the right costume for that. Now you must be wondering why would you need Halloween contact lenses if you are going to wear a mask? But think of this, wearing White Sclera or Blind white contact lenses under the mask. Once you take off the mask, your eyes will be glowing white and that would simply leave others awe struck.


Watching Thor in the End Game was quite hilarious and depressing at the same time. But you could not deny the strength and role of the man in the final battle. It was great to see Thor wielding two weapons at the start of the fight with Thanos. The God of lightning was something.

I think you know what to do dress up as Thor, the dress and axe. But don’t forget to wear the special lightning blue Halloween contact lenses. That would completely make you like the lightning powered Thor.


It was great to see a more humane side of Hulk, well it was more Banner with that muscle and no hulk. But still the green beast was perfectly able to wreck havoc. This is still one of the easiest Halloween costume inspiration. A green body and face and some bright green Halloween contact lenses and youa re good to go.