Halfway House Directory Launches New Website For Local Halfway Houses

It is the era of self-awareness. Gone are those years of hedonistic living where pleasure was the only aim for many. Losing oneself in booze or drugs might have felt like heaven for a while, but the harsh, unpalatable reality lurking behind it soon drags one out of the stupor.

Life is amazingly beautiful without the miasma of alcohol and those ‘highs’ that addictive substances provide. 

Getting help

If you have woken up to reality and are working hard to leave that nasty world behind, you have already stepped on the first rung of recovery. Kudos to you if you have finished with medical detox – this means that you are ready to move into a sober house or Halfway House.

Now what are Halfway Houses?

These are facilities that allow people to stay till they feel they are ready to go out in the mainstream society. 

While both sober houses and halfway ones are similar in many aspects, there are some subtle differences between the two.

If you are looking for a ‘Halfway house near me’, you should know that these may be operated by government agencies. Sober living houses may be associated with addiction treatment centers. 

In case you have spent some time in the prison and are court-mandated to stay in such a facility, you can look for ‘Halfway houses near me’ as that would allow your family and friends to connect with you and cheer at your recovery.

The path to sobriety may seem tough at times, but the fact is that you have already made a commitment to become the best ‘you’. The support and encouragement you get at these houses will spur you to look at life as full of amazing challenges that you would love to meet.

Living independently may seem really scary at first, and is at these times that the rules and regulations of such houses really help in acclimatizing one to real life.

Some of these rules are:

  • One must stay sober at all times. For this, they must agree to random drug checking or Breathalyzer tests.
  • All such houses have regularly scheduled meetings. All residents are expected to attend these house meetings.
  • Some houses may have a ‘Twelve Steps’ or similar program. You are expected to attend any of these programs.
  • You must not steal, fight, or engage unlawful activities while you are staying in the house. You also have to respect the privacy of other residents. 

Some houses may have a set curfew in place – you must adhere to it.

These rules are for the betterment of the residents. All of them must follow these religiously. In case you flout any rule, you may be asked to leave.

These facilities are extremely beneficial for people recovering from substance abuse. They learn to become accountable and responsible. If you or a loved one requires such help, you must look for a good facility without losing further time.