Half Helmet Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

One type of helmet is a half helmet, and they are quite a popular choice because of the open structure. Many people prefer the half helmet since they are easy to use and offer a tremendous amount of ventilation. You would never feel suffocated after wearing a half helmet. Many people have questions about the use of half helmets. So, we thought of compiling this post for you where we have documented the features, benefits and drawbacks of the half helmet. This way, you will be able to decide for yourself if you need a half helmet or if you would like to go for an alternative option.

Features of Half Helmets

Half helmets have a semi-spherical design that only covers the top part of your skull. The helmets don’t have a visor in most cases. The design of the half helmets is very simple. They have a top hard shell along with soft padding. In addition, the half helmets have a strap, so the helmet doesn’t fall off. You will also find some half helmets with a permanent visor. The only problem with the half helmets is that they offer lower levels of protection. In case of a crash, the chin is the first part of the face to be impacted, and half helmet offers no protection to the chin. You will also find quarter helmets which are categorized under half helmet only. The quarter helmets would offer additional protection on the ears but nothing on the jawline. Because of the lack of a visor, you may even get blasted by the wind, and the insects might get into your eye. Overall, a half helmet is not recommended, but people would still use it to save themselves from the traffic fine. If you would like to know more about half helmets, please go through the benefits and drawbacks of half helmets in the section below.

Benefits of Half Helmet

Easy To Talk

Half helmets are very convenient when you are riding with a pillion rider. You can talk to the pillion or anyone else when using the half helmet. This is one of the reasons why people prefer half helmets over full face helmets. It would not dampen your voice, and you are easily audible.

  • Accessibility to Face

Half helmets offer a higher level of accessibility to your face as well. Do you have to scratch your nose? No problem. Do you have to drink water? No problem. Do you want to grab a quick bite? That is also not a problem. You would never have to take off your helmet to get access to your face.

  • Range of View

Half helmets offer a wide range of views as well. There is no pillar on the side to block your view so that you can ride better. This often reduces the probability of an accident, especially if you are riding in narrow lanes.

  • Ventilation

The reason why half helmets are the most preferred choice is because of the ventilation they offer. The half helmet is open from the front, and hence you get direct air on your face. This is very relieving on a hot summer day, and it keeps you cool.

  • Very Affordable

If you are looking for the cheapest available helmet on the market, you can check out the half helmet. They are the most affordable options, and they are also readily available. Ideally, we don’t recommend this, but you can wear them when you have to wear the helmet for a kilometre or less.

Drawback of Half Helmet

  • Safety

The major drawback of the half helmet is the safety that it offers. In case of a crash, you will be seriously injured. No chin protection means bruises and fractures of the jawline.

  • Eye Protection

As mentioned earlier, most half helmet comes without a visor. This means a direct windblast on your face. It is not suitable for a high-speed ride, and even the insects would directly impact your face. More details about Half Helmet : https://www.besthelmetindia.in/