Hair Transplants in 2021: Treatments and Prices

An artistic representation of a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants are surgical procedures used to restore lost hair from reasons such as male baldness, trauma, burns, and surgery. It is a method in which hair follicles from the hair-growing scalp are removed from the back and sides of the head and are then moved and planted in the barren areas. A hair transplant is accomplished through the use of blades, needles, and knives, thus punch grafting or plug grafting can also be called the procedure.

Men have increasingly become more conscious about their looks thanks to the increasing value placed on beauty and youth in the past few years. So, more and more men are turning to hair transplantation as a solution to their baldness issues, leading to continuous advancements in this field.

A follicle is taken from a hair bearing area by means of this procedure. It is necessary to properly group these follicles into a basic unit known as a graft. Doctors classify graft size based on the number of follicles in it. A round graft consists of approximately 10 to 20 follicles and is the traditional graft used by physicians. There are also micro grafts, slit grafts, and immigrants.

Along with hair transplant treatment, the physician can also suggest other surgical techniques such as flaps transfer, whereby a considerable amount of hair bearing scalp is transferred to the bald area, and scalp reduction, during which a portion of the scalp is strategically removed to minimize the appearance of baldness.

What it Costs to Transplant Hair

Men who are deciding whether to undergo hair transplantation are often influenced by the hair transplantation prices. Even though hair transplant surgery is an excellent treatment for hair loss, hair transplant surgery is still a very expensive procedure. Planning to cover the costs of a hair transplant should be an important part of your preparation.

Many people have doubts about undergoing a hair transplant because of the cost that it usually entails. Thankfully, new techniques do exist to combat hair loss, but people are still wary of hair grafts due to their high price tag.

There are some centers that cheat patients by offering incomplete data and take advantage of their ignorance to make them confused. It is therefore important to examine both the quality of the clinic’s services and how they calculate the cost of the treatment.

Pricing hair transplants

There are three factors that determine the price of the hair graft:

  • How many follicles will be implanted
  • Zone of occurrence
  • How it was extracted

Unlike other medical procedures, hair transplantation is mainly priced by the number of follicular units to be transplanted. For each hair graft there is a follicular unit in which there is one to three hairs, depending on the individual patient.

There are some professionals, however, who perform hair transplants using single hair follicles. The price increases this way as there are more implants made with the same amount of hair in comparison to a transplant of follicles with two or three hairs each.

It is very common for center prices to be reported based on follicular units, leading to increased confusion for the patient. In the event that a budget for 1,000 grafts is requested, it may be similar to transplant 1,000 grafts as to transplant 3,000 depending on the number of grafted follicles.

Finding prices: tips for getting the best deal

You should inquire about the prices of each clinic prior to choosing one where you will undergo a hair transplant, since each varies based on its own criteria. Thus, the price of each center should be compared objectively using the same parameters.

Choosing in which clinic to have hair grafts are another tip when deciding which clinic to choose because the value for money and results will be determined by cost. Thus, a cheap, low-quality hair transplant may end up requiring more corrections and retouching, which generally leads to higher costs.

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