7+ Hacks That Will Make Your Home Look Stylish

Home decor exterior

Home decor is not just about bringing all elements together; instead, it’s about finding the right balance between the style, coziness, and functionality. But, with the abundance of home furnishing things at affordable prices, the home decor seems quite daunting. 

So, if you are planning to give your home that magazine-worthy look and you short on budget, the article is for you! Here are a few tips to help you:

Consider Your Rooms As Blank Space:

Taking note of your previous elements of the room, you can highlight the key elements. Try crown detailing, hardwood flooring, built-in bookshelves, wooden-beams, mosaic-tiles, and more. Also, be thoughtful about colors; for airy feels, you can stick more to the pastels and whites.

Keep your room clean, clutter-free, and don’t get lured with expensive showpieces. You can take the cure from any home maintenance app to design the room.

Brighter Room = Bigger Room:

Don’t keep your windows covered with heavy drapes, clunky valances, or flouncy curtains as this will block natural light and will make your room small. Keep the windows open or install light shade curtains to let the natural light come in.

For privacy, you can use blinds to control the flow of light. You can also install light fixtures, or bright bulbs to bring more light into the room.

Make An Impressive Curb Appeal:

home exteriors are the face of any home; it sets the impression of how your home will look from inside. So, let your guests feel like “Oh! I should be living here” by enhancing the curb appeal. You can try by adding more green to the others; bring some flowers and planters to accentuate the visual points and rake off the leaves.

You can also add potted plants to bring some light and color to your others. Don’t let your others look unkempt, especially in winters. Take time to clean walkways by installing a lawn care app and following the right process.

Try Color Blocking:

Colorblocking is the new hype; however, painting an entire room in one color can become messy if overdone. One of the best ways to start the process is to pick the color that matches your main furniture or anything.

Pick subtle and softer colors and match them with other pieces in the room. If you are choosing bright hues, work on the flooring and other small details to make it look softer. For instance, if you pick a dark green, pair it with green furniture and suppress its effect with the patented rug or other decor.

Stack Books Appropriately:

While bookshelves are a great way to add style in your space, stacking all together is quite traditional. Try placing alternatively in vertical and horizontal shelves. You can even incorporate additional objects to add visual interest in the room. Just keep things in rhythm, and the pattern is not poking in the eyes.

Create An Illusion Of High Ceilings at Home:

Roof illusions can be done in two ways; by actually raising the roof and by raising the windows. But, a budget-friendly way to do this is to add more fabric to the existing pattern. You can do this by hanging curtains from the very top of the wall.

This will draw attention to the highest points and will add more drama to the space. If you want to create an eye-catching effect, bring some color and pattern to the curtains. You can also create the illusion of high ceilings by adding bright colors that draw more attention. 

Don’t Forget The Carpets:

This is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to bring a room together and to enhance the home decor. Besides, it will also make the room feel stylish and cozier. You can do this by layering the small rugs over the bigger ones. Mix ‘n’ match patterns, prints, and colors, but don’ overdo things. If you want both color and print, coordinate things and then place smartly.

Bring Plants In The Space:

The plants are easy and cost-saving way to take your home to the next level. Not only they help in bringing freshness in the space, but using them as a decorative piece will add more style to the space. You can play with different plants, leaf designs, flowers and more. Fill empty spaces by adding big pots or use small ones at the furniture.

While the above tips will surely add more style to your home, the best and easiest way to decorate your home is by sticking to your personality. Make your place you want to spend time in and impress your friends and guests.