Guild Wars 2 obtain Precious Currency REDS Maps

Are you looking for the best ways to get the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragon‘s Ritz? Look no further! This guide, LOLTANK will show you the easiest ways to obtain this precious currency from different maps.

End of Dragon’s Evans
One source of the reds is from End of Dragon’s Evans, which are special emitters that include a lot of sub-Evans. These are also of options from the daily hero chest from the metals in Dragon’s End. You will find an Imperial Favorite Winter here and another one all the way south right beside the waypoint. When you talk to these vendors, you can buy reds using three options. However, buying one red using 10 Imperial Fever is not a good option, so you should look into the other two options which can only be bought once per day.

Gyala Dove
In the new map, Gyala Dove, you will find the specialist vendors in each base. You can also buy the reds once per day, but only after you upgrade each base to at least a tier 2. Any End of Dragon from any World or PvP reward track will give you some reds as you progress through them and unlock the rewards.

Jade Slivers Vendor
The last source is from any Jade Slivers Vendor on any map. But probably the one in Arborstone is the easiest to get to and from here you can buy any of the reds for 50 slivers each.

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