Guild Wars 2 End-Game Activities Guide

Guild Wars 2 offers a plethora of end-game content for players to enjoy. From open-world exploration to challenging raid encounters, there is something for everyone. In this guide, we will explore each of the end-game activities that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, including PvE, PvP, and non-traditional end-game activities.

Open World PvE
Open-world PvE is the simplest end-game activity available to players. Here, players can explore zones, complete world completion collections Guild Wars 2 Gold, and work together to complete zone-wide meta events. Additionally, the recently released Path of Fire expansion added mounts, which can be acquired by completing Living World Season 4. Open-world PvE is a great way to earn experience, gather crafting materials, and work towards completing zone-wide achievements.

Fractals are mini-dungeons that scale up in difficulty to level 100 and require players to have a certain amount of agony resistance to complete. Here, players can earn ascended gear and work towards a legendary backpack. Fractals offer challenging and diverse gameplay and are a great way to earn rewards while enjoying small-group content.

Strike Missions
Strike missions are single-boss encounters that require a squad of 10 players to complete, and offer rewards such as crafting materials, and ascended and legendary gear. Strike missions are a great way to practice mechanics and teamwork in a smaller group setting before venturing into raid content.

Raiding was introduced with Heart of Thorns and requires 3 bosses to be defeated in each of the 7 wings. Recently, Emboldened mode was added, which increases health, damage, and healing output with each failed attempt on a boss. Raids offer the most challenging PvE content in the game, and reward players with ascended and legendary gear, as well as unique achievements and titles.

In PvP, players can battle each other in structured PvP, where all players are boosted to level 80 and all stats are normalized through the amulet system. Here, players can earn materials to purchase ascended gear, which can then be turned into legendary gear. Additionally, world vs world is the wild west of PvP, where players fight in large groups to gain control of zones and can earn ascended and legendary gear.

Non-Traditional End-Game Activities
Finally, non-traditional end-game activities include fashion and collections, such as legendary weapons and achievements. Additionally, there are RP guilds, and mount racing guilds, such as griffon flyers and roller beetle racers. These activities offer unique and fun ways to engage with the game outside of traditional PvE and PvP content.

In conclusion, Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of end-game activities for players to explore, and each activity has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a challenging PvE experience or an exciting PvP match, Guild Wars 2 has something for every type of player.


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