Guild Wars 2 Armor Sets Guides for New Players

Guild Wars 2 is an incredibly popular MMORPG game with a wide array of armor sets to choose from. These armor sets provide players with the opportunity to customize their look, as well as give them access to a variety of different bonuses and advantages. Each armor set is unique and offers different benefits, making it important to choose the right set for your character.

You can start with getting armor sets from the Orders of Vigil, Order of Whispers, or Priory. You can find these sets at Vigil Keep in Gandarin Fields from Crusader Era or Armor Requisitioner, at Arcanus Brachia in the German Priority Headquarters in Lorner’s Pass from the Priory, or at Armor Requisitioner Betcha in the Chantry of Secrets in the Blood-Eyed Coast from the Order of Whispers. These sets look great when used as a whole or when you mix and match pieces for a unique style.

Cultural armor sets are also easy and great for your character, as they are race-specific. For humans, you can find the vendors in the Upper City in Divinity’s Reach, at Creator’s Commons in Rata Sum, at the Competitor’s Score in the Black Citadel, at the Great Lodge in Holbreck, or at the Quester’s Terrace. Alternatively, you can buy these sets from the Script Trader in the Borderlands and Eternal Battlegrounds in World vs World. The cost of these is halved if purchased here.

You can also get armor sets by looting different loot brackets, which have a chance of dropping sets with exotic quality from level 62 to level 80. These can be bought from the trading post and come as named sets with decent stats.

Crafting is another alternative to getting different tiers of armor. You can pick up tailoring for light armor sets, leatherworking for medium sets, and armorsmithing for heavy sets. If you have saved up some karma, you can also get the karma sets. Each piece of the set costs about 42,000 karma and the full set is 252,000 karma.

Doing dungeons will reward you with Tales of Dungeon Delving, which can be used to buy sets themed after different dungeons. You can find the vendor in Lion’s Arch.

Living World Season 2 brings the Carapace and Luminescence sets. These sets can be upgraded to the Luminescence set through individual piece collections. The Heart of Thorns expansion brings the Bladed and Laystone Armor sets. The Bladed set can be acquired through playing the game and participating in events. The Laystone set can be acquired by completing the Story mission, Hearts and Minds, by doing the Dragon Stand meta, by random drops from Noxious Pods, and by buying from the Whisper’s Keeper in Dragon Stand.

Each expansion brings with it its own set of armor, which can mostly be acquired by playing the storyline and filling in the rest with collections from their respective maps.

To get an idea of what is available and how to get it, type “/wiki armor” into the game to open up the wiki page for the armor sets. You can then select the character you want to preview the sets on, and get a list of all available armor sets.

Guild Wars 2 offers a wide variety of armor sets to choose from, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each armor set and how to best utilize them for maximum effectiveness. By doing so, players can ensure they have the best armor set for their character’s needs. With the right armor set, players can make the most of their experience in Guild Wars 2. With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating a unique and stylish look for your character.


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