Guideline 101: 11 Pro tips before you make a Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard animation video is a form of video explainer that combines great storytelling, high-quality animation and educational value in front of the viewers. Whiteboard videos are digital right now, but they still maintain the essence of the classical process. This phenomenon is fantastic because now an output of whiteboards appears better, 2D character graphics and special effects can be applied. You need to use them properly because the poorly done video will backfire your projects. If your picture on your whiteboard is incorrect, you will not have the performance you expect, so the photo measurements and campaign goals will demonstrate that.

There are some rules to make Whiteboard animation online, or even you can hire someone to do this task. Nevertheless, if you want to make it yourself then to make your video great follow these tips.

Elements of base: Hand

There are three basic elements while you are making an animated video on the whiteboard. The first one is the hand. You must have seen in ancient time, people use to draw by hand. In animation, drawing hands plays an active role in your storytelling.

Elements of base: The white Background

Okay! Therefore, with the name of this video you already get that. The background of the video will be white, but it is not necessary. You can change the color of the background according to the need.

The element of base: Related drawings

To give your story a continuity, your drawing must have drawings that are relating to each one and have a connection with one another. It creates in your viewers a sense of anticipation and sparks their interest. What is it like? Well, before your eyes, the story will be created! Therefore, you will always wonder what is next.

Stay traditional

These three fundamental elements allow the viewers to understand the whiteboard video form. The vibe of tradition! Of course, you are authorized (and encouraged!) to incorporate other elements to make the whiteboard look more in keeping it as classic as you can.

Colors and hue effects

Time to apply some colors in your video, so that your viewers do not get sleepy while watching it. You can use colors and hue settings, but keep in mind that you do not make it funky, it must remain classy and elegant. You get good vibes once you are using your brand colors. It will give the audience the ideas of the brand and its associations.

When you are working on a whiteboard animation video, you need to keep in mind that bright colors or dull colors will distract the viewers from the main concept of the video.

Animated characters

Do you remember your consumer’s attraction? It is your ideal customer’s representation and it has an important place in your whiteboard video. Express them to your audience as animated characters in your video. They will help to keep the video running because you are going to build your storyline around them. Animated characters help the plot progress and make it enjoyable and exciting! The most important thing is to make your audience feel empathically and to be able to identify with characters. It contributes to a personal approach that leads to success.

Use the emotional power

Video is such a powerful instrument! You have the power to move the viewers, to make them feel empathetic, joyful or sentimental with your video and with your correct story. It is so crucial because empathy can draw and grab the viewer. You will allow them to connect with your message by appealing to their emotions. You will recall your video and be involved in your company if you hit the correct chord.

Consider it informative.

Whiteboard videos are perfect for your audience to be attracted and retained. Therefore, they make great educational videos because when they are involved, people learn things better and enjoy it! This video type explainer has massive educational value, so use it for your good.

Make a wonderful story

A great story has a good plot. It is at the core of any animated video advertisement. You have your three typical visual characteristics (White backdrop, black drawing, and hand) in the particular case of whiteboard animations, but they cannot create a good video on their own! Here the power of narration enters. We love stories, as people and audiences. Your target is not appealing any more than that they are excited about their tale and you must have a clear objective to accomplish it by writing a script.

Speak aloud the script

There is now a fantastic script focusing on the needs of your audience. So, how can you feel it is ready when you have completed the script? You need to read it aloud! No, you will not appear as a crazy person; yes, it is going to help you a lot! That is because you want a template that feels real and you must read it out in the clear and make sure you have the most natural sound of your preference in voice inflections, length of speech and concentration on phrases. All these tricks, the most relevant, can be summed up in one! Like all online marketing material, the animated whiteboard video should always be of the highest quality.