Guide to Using Fracturing Orbs in Path of Exile

In this guide, we’ll delve into the exciting world of using Fracturing Orbs in Path of Exile. We’ll follow the journey of a player, We, as he attempts to hit valuable Tier 1 (T1) mods on various items using 60 Fracturing Orbs. Join us as we explore the potential rewards and discuss the costs and outcomes of We’s endeavor.

Setting the Goals:
Our primary objective is to obtain T1 Suppression mods on specific items. These mods include damage against shield enemies, unsilk gloves, bow attacks with additional arrows, quivers with fire additional arrows, Fizz percent bows, multi-oscillating scepters with damage over time (DoT), all skill gems with +1 level, and large clusters with 35 passive skills.

The Fracturing Journey:
Let’s take a closer look at progress:

Gloves: After a series of misses, We manages to hit three pairs of unsilk gloves, which are highly desirable.

Bows: The fortune begins to turn as We hit three bows with additional arrows and two bows with increased physical damage. These items hold significant value and are expected to fetch a good price.

Scepters: Among the six attempts, We successfully fractures one multi-oscillating scepter with DoT damage. While not the desired outcome, it still adds value to his collection.

All Skill Gems: We successfully obtain several all-skill gems with a +1 level, enhancing their effectiveness and desirability.

Large Clusters: Despite a relatively poor run overall, We manages to secure a few large clusters with 35 passive skills, which are sought after by many players.

Evaluating the Results:
We take a closer look at the obtained items and calculate their approximate value. While market fluctuations may occur, he estimates a We value of 300 to 350 divine orbs for the entire collection. This estimation is subject to change based on demand and other market factors.

Our Fracture Bonanza journey highlights the risks and rewards of using Fracturing Orbs in Path of Exile. Despite some setbacks and an underwhelming outcome, the potential for hitting valuable Tier 1 mods remains enticing. It’s important to remember that luck plays a significant role, and results may vary for each individual.

Whether you’re a gambler seeking the thrill of obtaining rare mods or a trader looking to capitalize on valuable fractured items, Fracturing Orbs can offer exciting opportunities. Just like me, your luck may change with each use, so approach with caution and be prepared for both successes and disappointments.


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