Guide To The Different Treatments Available At Salons

Beautiful and healthy-looking hair is always the aim for many women. Over the course of styling and general bustle of life, our hair often gets damaged and that’s when we head on down to the salon for some hair treatments. However, salons often offer a wide variety of treatments and it can be a challenge to decide on one. Therefore, we’ve put together this list of salon hair treatments to help you better understand what they are. Decided what to get? You can book an appointment with the best salon booking software of 2020.


Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are mostly used for smoothing your hair out. They are ideal for people who want straight hair but have frizzy or curly hair. This treatment eliminates the need for straighteners and just a single treatment can ensure smooth hair for several weeks. However, as hair grows out, a new treatment application will be needed.


There are two main keratin treatments to pick from. The first is a basic smoothing treatment where the keratin complex penetrates straight to the center of your hair. Thereafter, your hair will be silky, smooth, and straight for a few months. The other is widely known as the Brazilian Blowout. This is a slightly more advanced technique where the solution coats the entire hair shaft for a period of time before being rinsed off. Thereafter, your hair will be blown dry and straightened with an iron. This treatment will straighten curls for up to three months.


Essentially, this is a great treatment plan for people who desire straight hair but are tired of straightening it daily.

Scalp Treatments

Scalp treatments are usually targeted at people who suffer from itchy and dry scalps. This hair treatment is extremely relaxing as your stylist massage and washes your scalp. It also helps to remove product build-up, reduce oil production, and help hair growth. It is a hair treatment that everyone should treat themselves to every once in a while.


Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are a great way to treat damaged hair. With this treatment, your hair cuticles will be sealed up and you will leave with shiny and healthy hair. If your hair has been damaged from coloring and styling, this treatment can restore your hair back to its glory. This treatment is also very quick as the oil is only left on for twelve to twenty minutes. Thereafter, it’s rinsed out and you’re faced with silky tresses instead.


Moisture Treatments

Moisture treatments are for restoring hydration to your hair. This is extremely important if you frequently style and or color your hair. This is because your hair could be extremely dry and damaged by all of that. Therefore, moisture treatment is needed to deeply condition and restore the hydration of your hair. This is an easy and soothing treatment as the treatment is applied and massaged onto your hair. If you are at your salon for a blow-out or color, you should consider adding this treatment. It could greatly improve the condition of your hair!


Detox Treatments

Build up is normal for everyone. As we go about our days, build up naturally happens. This can happen from our own scalp oil production, hair products that we use, or even pollutants in our environment. As it builds up, your hair may be weighed down or feel increasingly dirty. Detox treatment is just the treatment for this as it deeply cleanses and clarifies the hair shafts of our hair. This removes all the build-up and thus, our hair and scalp emerge healthier. Such treatment also encourages hair growth and thus, is truly a great hair treatment to get regularly. At the end of this, you will emerge with healthier hair and a much more lustrous look.


Relax Treatments

Relax treatments are somewhat similar to keratin treatments. Both aim to reduce frizz and curl in favor of smoother hair. The only difference is that relaxing treatments are a little more advanced as their results can be customized. If you have frizzy, wavy hair but want wavy beautiful hair, you can get a relaxing treatment! It’ll reduce your frizz but keep the waves. This treatment is also possible for all the different hair types and textures. As said, it can be customized exactly to your needs.


However, relaxing treatments cannot be done too often. If done too often, your hair might become too relaxed – it’ll be limp and flat.


Toning Treatments

Toning treatments are used mainly to correct one’s hair color. This is especially for people with bleached or colored hair. For people with bleached hair, toning is used to remove the yellow hues in their hair. The end result is usually a lighter, more platinum blonde. Alternatively, it could be used to correct faded or just colored hair to obtain the perfect hair color. Hair toning treatments can be done at various points in time. It could be done just after a color job or it could be done as maintenance as and when. Toning treatments are also really fast as the product only needs to be left on for about 20 minutes. Thereafter, it is rinsed out.


Toning treatments are excellent for maintaining or extending a color job. It might be tempting to do this at home. However, toning is a sensitive process and it can be easy to screw it up. Therefore, it is advised that you visit the salon for toning treatments.


Gloss Treatments


As the name suggests, hair glossing treatments are for adding gloss or shine to hair. In essence, a glossing treatment works as the hair shaft is smoothened and thus, becomes more reflective. These treatments are simple and can be done at any time. It could be done post-color or it could be done just as a touch up to your hair. This is a great treatment to consider as it can easily boost your hair’s beauty.



Part of going to the hair salon is to enjoy and pamper yourself. These treatments are all indicative of that as they help restore your hair or help make it look even more amazing. The next time you’re at a salon, consider trying one of these treatments if you haven’t before!