Guide to Shipping a Motorcycle

There is nothing quite like riding your bike on the open road. But if you are moving to a new home cross country, then cruising on two wheels to your destination is not an option. Due to the weight of the motorcycle, it is not really easy to load them onto the back of a moving truck.  You may want to tow your bike yourself but you do not want to risk damage or theft if you are driving long-distance. This is why the ideal option to ship your bike is via a motorcycle shipping company.

Motorcycle shipping is usually the most convenient and stress-free option for transporting your bike to your new home. This is an option you may want to consider too if you are selling your bike to a buyer in another state.

Steps To Ship Your Motorcycle

No matter what the reasons are, you need to get your bike ready and have it delivered successfully.

Finding quotes

There are many motorcycle shipping services online but searching for them and requesting for quotes is very time-consuming.  This is where Shiply, an online shipping platform can help to connect you to hundreds of their rated motorcycle shipping companies. After you have entered the details about your delivery, you can begin receiving quotes send to your mailbox.  At Shiply, you can easily compare prices, service types, and companies until you find one that is right for you.  Visit for more information.

Schedule the Service

Once you have confirmed the shipping company, schedule your service promptly so you can get set a date.  It takes about five days for cross country shipping. 

Check the condition of your motorcycle

It is important that you document the condition of your motorcycle before shipping because the carrier may not be responsible for any scratches that occur in their care. It would be good to take photos of your motorcycle from various angles.

Types of Trailer to transport your motorcycle

There are generally two types of options you can choose to transport your motorcycle and they are the enclosed trailer and the open trailer. An enclosed trailer will offer a better protection for your vehicle while in transit and are best for classic or expensive bikes.  The open trailer is the cheapest and most straightforward method but your bike will be less protected.

Prepare your motorcycle for shipping

There is no need to empty the gas tank or disconnect the battery before shipping because you may want your bike to be ready to ride upon delivery. Do make sure your saddlebags are securely closed and do not leave any personal items such as helmet attached to the motorcycle.

Cost to ship a motorcycle

The cost to ship your motorcycle cross country varies and it depends on several factors such as follows:-

  • The distance between the pickup to the arrival will affect a motorcycle shipping company’s price.
  • The size of the vehicle will also be a factor as larger bikes will require more space inside the trailer.