Guide to Proper Website Usability

By the title it is clear that this blog is about website usability. But do you know what website usability actually is? Definitely most of us own a website but is not aware of the term website usability. Let’s in this blog discuss what website usability is and a proper guide to website usability.

By website usability we mean that our website is more user friendly, simple, convenient to use and also our website application must have the capability to increase the conversion rate. Conversion rate means to convert visitors into genuine customers. This helps our website grow rapidly.

The development process of website requires lots of money, effort and time. Lots of effort, money is also required for promotion and maintenance of the website. But this effort, money and time investment can be dramatically reduced by the help of website usability test. In other words, website usability test refers to the ease by which a visitor could achieve his target without much headache.

Some points that you have to keep in mind for proper Website Usability

Keep in mind the points that we are about to discuss while developing a website

Proper User Experience

Target audience must be kept in mind before designing a business website. In simple words just take an example of fashion website which must be completely different from a corporate IT or business website.

website usability
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You also have to keep in mind about different devices, whether the device is laptop or desktop or may it be iPhone, iPad, Mac Book or ordinary mobile phone, your website must run equally well in all the devices mentioned.

Your website must be friendly with all the web browser that are available. Your website application must not be specific about any device or web browser.

Your website must be compatible with every operating system available. Whether it is Mac Operating or any of the versions of Microsoft Windows.

Proper Navigation

Navigation problems in a critical problem that can damage complete reputation of your website. If your website application has a problem of navigation, you may gain visitors by any means, but they will leave your website as soon as they will find navigation problem in your website application.

If your website has navigation problem that means your website is not at all user friendly. Focus on the places of navigation elements. If necessary, divide the navigation elements into various sub parts.

Design your website by keeping yourself in the place of user. You must develop your website in such a way as if you are a user who is visiting some others website. You will leave the other website as a user if the navigation of the website application is not user friendly.

Proper Search bar functioning of your Website Application

Always keep in mind that your website application must have a proper search bar. By anyways don’t forget to insert a search bar into your website.

Most of the users uses the search bar primarily to avoid loss of time. Keeping a search bar is not just enough, keep in mind that your search bar is fully functional. It’s of no use keeping a search bar and on the other hand it’s non-functional

Hope you liked our blog. We will discuss more about website usability in our next blog.