Guide to Preparing a Home For Selling

There are myriad reasons for selling a home. You might be in need of a bigger place, work and other commitments could be taking you to a new city or state, or something else. Whatever the driving force behind it, selling your house takes a lot of careful work. You likely want to get buyers as fast as possible, and you can make the process a lot more painless if you take some key steps to prepare:

1. Do Some Basic Interior Refreshing

When selling an existing lived-in property, it’s not common to do any major renovations to the place first, but what you could do is refresh the interior a little. For a relatively small investment, you could add many thousands to the value and push up people’s willingness to pay at asking price or above. Used a fixed price online interior design service to make the process quick, easy and within budget.

A fresh coat of paint here and there, or some new more neutral-coloured wallpaper, or new carpeting, all can go a long way to making buyers feel more comfortable and confident.

2. Make All Essential Repairs

Aside from refreshing the decor, you will definitely need to look into making sure that your house is up to all local codes and standards. If you’re not sure where some of these important repair jobs lie, what you can do is schedule a house inspection yourself and have a professional come take a look. They’ll point out areas that you have to fix up, and areas that would be advisable to fix up before you sell to anyone.

The sudden discovery of serious repair needs — cracked foundations, leaking roof, faulty gas plumbing, etc. — can jeopardise your house sale with buyers who were previously interested or who had even made an offer. As the saying goes, get your house in order!

3. Clean and Declutter the Place

It’s okay for your house to look lived-in, but keeping it at least clean and tidy with no rubbish lying around, no carpet or upholstery stains, and no dust is important for making the right first impression. As important as keeping the place tidy, it should also look as uncluttered as possible. 

Removing excess clutter from around the place will help to show how spacious your place really is. When clutter is masking the space, or even blocking out light, it’s hard for potential buyers to really fall in love with the place. What will grab their attention and hold it is light, airy and clear spaces where they can imagine putting their own furniture and belongings.

4. Tidy the Garden/Backyard

Getting the front garden and backyard in good order will help to maximise kerb appeal and get buyers interested in your place before they’ve even walked through the front door. Start by trimming back and hedges, cutting the grass, planting some simple flower beds — pansies, for example, are a good, colourful and low-maintenance choice — and clearing out any needless clutter from there.

5. Consider Strategic Upgrades

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not common for people to perform major renovations on their properties before selling. That’s usually something that the buyers would do. However, there are a few circumstances where you might consider it. For instance, if you’ve lived in a house for a very long time, and the property value has risen substantially, there’d be nothing wrong with, say, installing an ensuite bathroom or getting solar panels put in if it helps attract quality buyers.

If a renovation will speed up your sale significantly and won’t eat into your property value gains, then it’s not a bad idea to get the job done before selling.

Michael Caine

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