Guide to Modding Seiko Dial Parts

Curious about the know-how’s process of the Seiko dial mod parts? If you are new to this, this will help a lot.

Seiko is one of the titans in the industry of watches offering a wide variation of watch products. They even manufacture every part of their watches.

Seiko brand has been known globally as the most flexible watch when it comes to modifications.  The modded Seiko watch has gone through a process that requires a lot of patience. For those new to Seiko watch modding, you will need some equipment to be used in the whole process. This might be tough at first for new modders but along the way, you’ll get familiar with it.

In this article, we will show you some guidelines on how to customize specifically your Seiko dial part. This is also applicable to other Seiko watches. 

What is a Dial?

Of all watch parts, the dial is considered to be the face of the watch that displays the numbers 1 to 12. Seiko dial comes in different colors and marker combinations.

Some like to have a white Seiko dial. Divers would prefer to choose a Seiko Turtle Dial. There are others who like to get a Seiko Samurai dial mod.

Most of the dials have two feet that are attached underside. Its placement also varies according to the Seiko model. However, some Seiko mod dials are known to have four that make it less complex in ordering a specific piece for a certain model.

Famous Seiko SKX007 Dial Designs

Seiko mods have the characteristics of its owner, some are based on the fashion trend. Actually, the modified Seiko watches look brand new.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the famous Seiko SKX mods. For example, the Seiko SKX007 Dial. It has a wide variety of products that modders or individuals will get a chance to choose what they prefer.  Actually, Seiko watch SKX007 dials are iconic items. One of its best designs is the CT825 Black/Gold MM Style Dial that has a 28.5mm.

Seiko Sunburst Dial has different colors like orange, black, dark blue, silver, etc.  For the Orange dial, you can have the CT805 that has a Seiko mm dial of 28.5mm.  You can also pick CT823 which is a dial orange that has a 28.5 mm.

How to Attach a Seiko Mod Dial?

In Seiko modding, you really have to handle the parts with extra care. Also, this is to avoid bending the legs of the dial. 

To attach dials, you have to position the movement to where the crown is positioned. Once the movement has been orientated, identify the holes on the plastic bracket encased around the movement. That is where the legs should be placed. 

Take note that there are different watch crown positions. Some are positioned at 3 o’clock, some are at 4 o’clock. Each has different positions for the holes. So, if your watch crown is positioned at 4 o’clock, you have to use the 4 o’clock position dial.

If you use it in a different crown position like the 3 o’clock, it will result in the wrong orientation.

Some Seiko dials come in four legs; some are two legs. If you mistakenly bought a different crown position like the four-leg one, you can remove the other two legs and orient it according to the watch crown position. 

If you removed the wrong legs, your best option is to remove all the legs and use double-sided tape to align into the movement.