A Simple Guide to launch an On-demand Home Services App

With the proliferation of the internet and smartphones, the need for on-demand services has also increased. A decade back, there were only a few on-demand services provided to customers. But today, people expect servicemen to provide every service possible at their doorstep. One such on-demand service that is developing rapidly is the home service. A few apps, such as Gojek, UrbanClap, Housejoy, TaskRabbit, and more are offering home services such as plumbing, cleaning, beauty services, event management, and more.

These platforms team up with several small-scale industries, startups, and other professional companies to provide home services to the people. After the success of a few home service apps, many entrepreneurs had plans to set up a similar service. Since developing an app from scratch takes up a lot of time and money, they were looking for apps similar to Gojek and Grab at affordable rates. The Gojek clone apps helped such entrepreneurs as it is easily customizable and available at budget-friendly rates.

What are the categories of home services available?

Home Designing services:

There are a variety of services such as interior designing, painting, camera installation, packers and movers, pest control, electrical repair, plumbing, carpentry, and more. The concerned servicemen will arrive at your house and provide you expert ideas and help the user design your dream home and set right any appliance for you.

Home tutoring:

On placing a request for a particular subject’s tutor, they will arrive at your house and give you classes on an hourly basis.

Event management services:

If the user has any events to be organized at their home or at any place, they can find an event manager and a few people to get the work done. The event manager assigned to the user will make sure that all the arrangements are made properly.

Health and fitness:

The users can request for personal fitness trainers, dieticians, physiotherapists, yoga trainers, and more using the home services app.

Factors that will help in developing your home service app:

Before proceeding with the app development process, you have to know about a few aspects that will help you develop your business in the home service marketplace. They are listed below:

Target the native audience:

If you have a home service app, then your main target should be the native people in that region. Make sure you provide good quality and fast service to the people as this will retain them for an extended period of time.

Flexible service:

All the home services provided should be flexible. If the customer wants to reschedule appointments or want the servicemen to look after something small, then it should be done for them without any delay. Be available for the customer 24*7. The satisfaction of the customers marks the development of the business.


Team up with the local vendors to deliver an efficient service to the customers. This way, you can earn customers and revenue. These are two main aspects any entrepreneur will expect from their business.

How to build a productive home service app like Gojek or Grab multi service app?

If you wish to develop an app that will instantly be a hit among the customers, then you need to include a few features that will make the app easy to navigate and efficient.

Social media integration:

Include this option to let the users and the servicemen login or register with their social media accounts. Data about the user will be obtained from their social media account. This makes the registration process a piece of cake.

Easy search:

There should be a search box available in the app, and once the users input a keyword, suggestions should pop up. The user will find it easy to find the right option that they are looking for.

Scheduling a service:

The user will want to schedule service requests at times. Ensure that the app has a scheduling feature that will let them book a service by specifying the time and the date. Remind them about the schedule a few hours before the mentioned time. Notifying them can be done via calls, messages, or push notifications.


The user should be able to view the live location of the servicemen. This will help them know the estimated arrival time of the servicemen. The servicemen should get access to the location of the customer in order to reach there on time.


Employ as many filters as possible in the app to help the user find the right service in a few seconds. The user will not want to spend so much time finding the service. They need the filter option to sort the services based on their needs.

Service history of the servicemen:

The servicemen can accept or reject requests using the app. Every request they serve and reject should be displayed on the history page.

In-app verification process:

The service providers or the servicemen should upload a set of their documents to the app once they register. The administrator will verify the documents and approve them. The service provider can then proceed to accept or reject requests.

Additional resources for earning:

Apart from the revenue you generate by catering to the requests placed by the users, you can also manage advertising and other promotions. Enter into a partnership with advertising agencies or companies and host their ads on your app. They will pay you a fixed sum for displaying the ads. You can also include short tutorial videos that the users can view after they subscribe to the app.

Review system:

This feature will help the user rate the service provider and his service. They can also provide additional feedback if they have any suggestions or any areas of improvement.


No matter whether you are going with the Gojek clone app or developing from scratch, you have to include all these features in your app. One of the companies that excel in on-demand app development is AppDupe. With several years of experience in this field, they build the best apps that will help you develop your business in a short period of time. Their experts will develop an app with the latest, robust technologies and frameworks. Visit the AppDupe site to know more about the range of clone apps they offer.