Guide to Holidays Gift Etiquette for Every Business

Every business is different so are their operations, finances, and other aspects. However, there is one factor in common for all, the gesture of giving corporate gifts on holidays. 

To help you find the right gift within your budget, herein is a list of hot picks for the coming festive season and a concise guide to corporate gifting etiquette. 

Holidays Gift Etiquette for Every Business

  • Flower Etiquette 

As per the revelation of the Society of American Florists (SAF), the most obvious reasons to send flowers at the workplace include ‘Congrats’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Sympathy’, or ‘Get Well Soon’. The Flower Delivery in ahmedabad caters to the bulk requirement of corporate flower gifting requirements for several enterprises every festive season. 

When it comes to giving flowers to your employees and clients, we highly recommend putting in some thoughts to consider a separate arrangement for everyone depending on the person’s choices. For instance, if somebody is allergic to roses, give lilies or something else with a personalized message.   

  • Infusion Water Bottle

The infusion water commonly called the detox water is now a buzz word for fitness freaks. If you know somebody within the organization to be very conscious about the health issues, this can be the ideal gift. It reveals that you have taken full care to avoid giving general gifts to everyone in the company.   

  • Personalized Schedule Calendar

It is good to customize the corporate gift hamper for each client or employee based on choices, the size of business and other aspects. However, it can be good to give a schedule calendar with the name, contact information and the logo of the company to all of them. It is both promotional for the company and useful for the recipient. 

  • File Organizer 

Whether it is your business partner or a staff member at the office, it can get quite messy with multiple files and papers on the desk. Give them a file organizer to keep everything to find and access them as and when required. 

  • Travel Mug

Do you know someone in the workplace who is a travel frenzy? Well, if there is anyone, give a traveler mug to carry his/her health drink, water or any other forms of liquid when on a tour. 

  • Kindle Reader

For those who are bookworms, the kindle reader is like a boon. It gives access to thousands of free ebooks with the provision to purchase new releases from time to time. 

  • Houseplant

For people having umpteen passion for gardening, a new houseplant from the boss is like a heavenly gift. Bloomsvilla has an enormous storehouse of houseplant species that grow well indoors. 

However, it is preferred not to give these plants to everyone unless you know the person is enthusiastic about plant care. 

How to Pick the Right Corporate Gift for the Right Person?  

Every year, it is a tenacious affair for the HR professionals to get the right gift hamper for the company clients as well as the employees that too within a budget. 

If you are also stuck amid utter confusion, the gift-giving rules mentioned herein can be a savior. 

Your Gift Must Have Some Value

No, you do not have to spend a hefty amount on each holiday gift. Your present can be a small item but it should be some use to the recipient. It can be as little as a luggage tag, a key ring or anything else. 

Prepare a list of Must-Haves 

A gift hamper may include chocolates, dry fruits, cookies, cake, flowers, and other items. While it is easy to add gourmet items in the wicker basket, it can be challenging to choose an item of use. We suggest a unique pick for each hamper in terms of cake flavor, flowers and utility products. 

Do not forget to Personalize Your Gifts 

Each gift hamper should contain your message for the recipient no matter it is for a dedicated employee or an important client. It feels awesome to receive a sweet message. 

Choose Something the Person Urges 

This may sound strange but taking care to choose gifts as per the needs of the person can make him/her feel special. Everyone has hobbies and preferences. You can find out more about these from the social media pages of the concerned person.