Guide to High-Level Bossing in Runescape 3

Runescape 3 offers a variety of challenging bosses for players to take on, but for those new to high-level PvM, it can be overwhelming. This guide provides tips for easing into bossing without getting too sweaty.

Use the Arc Glacier
The Arc Glacor is an excellent boss for mid-level players and offers a middle ground to teach core bossing mechanics. Start by fighting the boss with no mechanics enabled and gradually add them as you become more comfortable. The Glacor teaches mechanics such as shield switches, resonance big hits, frost canon mechanics, and adrenaline management. It is also great for combat experience, valuable drops, and summoning charms.

Gradually Remove Ultimates and Key Abilities from Full Revolution
If you are used to full revolution, start by gradually removing ultimates and key abilities. For bosses with more complicated mechanics, relying solely on the full revolution will often lead to failure. Focus on understanding the boss’s mechanics and adapting your abilities and rotations accordingly.

Jaws of the Abyss and Abyssal Scourge combo
Meleeing with Jaws of the Abyss is affordable and provides a significant bonus to adrenaline gain. Adding an Abyssal Scourge on top of that can drastically change your gameplay. The Scourge’s parasite effect adds extra damage, while the constant adrenaline gain from the combo of parasites in the Jaws helmet is potent. This setup is relatively inexpensive and can significantly improve your melee setup.

Cinderbane Gloves and Blood Reaver Familiars combo
Cinderbane Gloves are another affordable gear upgrade for all styles. Combining them with Blood Reaver Familiars can take your gameplay to the next level when fighting poisonous bosses. The DPS increase from poison is bonkers when using this setup. The synergy works by adding an extra chance for poison damage to occur for every hit you land on an enemy, and the Blood Reavers hit the enemy for tiny damage. This setup is especially effective when using a bow and big arrows for bosses with several hundred thousand HP.

Magic and Range Codexes
Investing in basic codexes like Corruption, Blast, and Corruption Shot for Magic and Greater Dazing Shot from Shattered Worlds for Range are affordable upgrades that will significantly change the game. Greater Ricochet and Greater Chain from Rockstar are expensive upgrades but can also drastically improve your gameplay.

God Wars Dungeon 3 Codexes
For Magic, the God Wars Dungeon 3 Codexes, Greater Concentrated Blast, and Magma Tempest are well worth the investment. Greater Concentrated Blast is one of the most potent abilities in the game, second only to Greater Ricochet.

Learner-Friendly PVM Groups
Not all PVM groups require high-tier expensive gear to join. Some PVM groups are learner-friendly like the Mass Cab Raids or Beastmaster Durzag runs. Iron clans also host Beastmaster runs with very relaxed requirements. Starting as a DPser can ease you into more complicated roles in Beastmaster encounters.

Level Archaeology and do the Extinction Quest
Leveling Archaeology and doing the Extinction Quest can provide significant rewards that will improve your PVM gameplay. The quest unlocks Ancient Summoning, which allows you to summon powerful creatures to aid you in combat.

In summary, high-level bossing in Runescape 3 can be challenging, but with these tips, players can ease their way into it without getting too sweaty. Remember to start with the Arc Glacor, gradually remove ultimates and key abilities from full revolution, watch guides and streams, start with easy bosses and work your way up, and join a clan or PvM group.


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