Guide to get the Cheap Car Insurance for 16 Year Old

Driving a car could be challenging and even more so when you’re a teenager. Besides being often easily distracted among other things, some teenagers might also need to learn to control their impulses as well as improve their decision-making skills before getting behind the wheel.

When you’re in the market for buying them a car, getting the cheapest car isn’t always best for them or you when you also consider the cost of maintenance along with how much protection the car could provide in terms of safety.

How much is the Average Cost for 16 Year Old Car Insurance?

Since teenagers have little or no experience of driving a vehicle, they have to inevitably pay more towards car insurance because auto insurance companies calculate the insurance cost based on various factors which also includes risk assessment. A young and inexperienced driver is at high risk of getting into accidents as compared to a driver who has put a few hundreds of miles on the road.

Thus, the average cost of car insurance for a 16-year-old stands at $300 to $520 per month based on various factors. However, it is important to note a fact that annually, it is nearly $3000 costlier to insure a teenage boy over a teenage girl.

Why is Car Insurance for 16 Year Old Girl & Boy Different?

As per statistics and surveys, it is observed that younger teenage boys have more accidents and make more claims than younger teenage girls no matter their geographic location. There’s also another fact that male teenagers drive more miles annually than a female teenager which means that their chances of getting into accidents are greater, besides of course becoming a better driver gradually.

Four Ways to Save on Car Insurance for Teenagers

After already having discussed the average cost of auto insurance for teenagers and understanding why it is greater, let’s learn about some ways to get cheap car insurance for 16 year old.

Buy Economical Vehicle

Buying the correct type of car is one of the primary ways to save on auto insurance. Buying a sports car will cost you more towards premiums because it will get into accidents faster and will be enormously costly to repair than an economical car that is both easier to maintain yet nimble enough to drive smoothly.

Install Safety Equipment

A car that has safety features installed such as airbags, speed limiters, ABS, etc will add towards reducing the cost of car insurance. This is ideal for when you’ve bought a sports car or a luxury car and it even benefits drivers who drive frequently. An extra added benefit aside from saving cost is that you’ll be well protected from injuries in myriad types of accidents.

Ask for Discounts

The foremost thing after picking the correct vehicle and equipping it with safety features is to ask the auto insurance provider for discounts. Teenagers could qualify for the student discount as well as other discounts such as a multi-policy discount, good grades discount, and so on. There are also discounts based on the area of residence as well as the number of miles that one may drive. Therefore be sure to ask for other such discounts from your auto insurance provider.


Among the other methods to reduce the car insurance premium, getting a driving certificate provided by a recognized driving school will lower the cost of car insurance besides using local transportation for commuting within the town or state. When you drive less, you’ll save on fuel expenses and also depreciate your vehicle less which results in low car insurance premiums.

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