Guide To Get Car Insurance For Disabled DriversGuide To Get Car Insurance For Disabled Drivers

If you are a person with a disability then finding reliable car insurance at the right price is a real struggle. You may have to pay more as compared to a normal person and it is illegal to discriminate and deny person insurance because of the disability.

However, you may face extra premium when it comes to the car insurance policy as they will be using cars with mobility equipment or special modifications. Safety risks associated with some medical disabilities is one of the reasons why disabled people have to pay more.


Which conditions are covered under car insurance for disabled drivers?

There are so many people driving despite having poor eyesight by wearing glasses and putting theirs and others safety in question. People having hearing problems can drive by using a hearing aid and blind people can get insurance for the person who drives them around.

Other than these conditions, there few more which are covered under the insurance for disabling:

  • Stroke
  • Neurological and mental health problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Visual impairments
  • Physical conditions
  • Medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

The biggest misconception is that people who have lost a limb or paralyzed are more prone to causing an accident while the scene is entirely different as they are more careful drivers and are less likely to cause an accident.

However, people with epilepsy can cause fatal accidents due to seizures and the same goes for heart patients. In these types of cases, insurance companies will request clearance from doctors that one is fit to drive.


Which are some special modification insurance for disabled drivers?

Adding some modification to their car is a normal thing in disabled person and these modifications are:

  • Pedal Extenders
  • Floor-mounted steering
  • Scooter lifts
  • Wheelchair lists
  • Hand controls

There are some policies you may consider purchasing includes:

  • Equipment insurance: This will cover portable items like oxygen tanks, walkers, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment.
  • Adaption insurance: In this policy, modification on a car is covered. The insurance coverage will only restore the vehicle to its new condition.
  • Mobility insurance: This insurance is provided to your alternative transport when your car is in the claim. The insurance company will provide a rental car that will accommodate the needs of a disabled person if he/she has bought this type of insurance.

Be familiar with the total value of your car modification as you may have to pay extra if the amount is more than what your insurance coverage offers you. Otherwise, just shop around and you may find an insurance company that can offer you a high coverage limit.


How to get car insurance discounts for handicapped for cheaper insurance rates?

The best way to get a cheap rate is to shop around for policies. Premiums rates vary from insurer to insurer, including risk factors and car modifications. Hence, comparing quotes is the best way to get your hands on the cheapest car insurance for people with disabilities.

What follows are the options that can get you a cheap premium rate too:


Ask for discounts

Insurance companies tend to offer various discounts for which you may be eligible. Ask your insurer about such a discount and ask if you are eligible or not. Low mileage, homeowner, and loyalty discounts are some of the amazing discounts you should ask for.


Go for telematics

In this insurance policy, data transmission machines are used and data is transferred from your car and to insurance companies and they will offer you a premium based on these data.


Exclude yourself

If you are a seriously disabled person and cannot drive at all then staying in the policy is not a good idea. Exclude yourself from the policy and list another named insured.

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