Guide to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android Problem

Yahoo is a mailing service and has millions of users around the Globe. This is one of the most popular email services and offers various features and services. It is a platform-independent service and you can easily access your Yahoo mail on all devices. But some people reported that they are facing issues in accessing Yahoo Mail on Android devices. You can face his error due to numerous reasons. You should look for the causes and find the correct solutions.

Common reasons behind Yahoo Mail not working on Android devices

  1. The Yahoo app is not installed correctly
  2. Your app is not updated
  3. The phone is running out of space
  4. Low RAM on your device
  5. Phone junk is interrupting your Yahoo app
  6. Your phone is infected with malware
  7. Your Yahoo app gets corrupted

Resolving Yahoo mail not working on Android error

Restart the device

If your Yahoo mail keeps stopping then try restarting the device. Your Yahoo can show error issues when your phone gets a runtime error. This error can appear when certain apps are running in the background. Go to your phone and close all running applications. Now press the power button and select the Restart option. After restarting, go to the Yahoo app and now check for errors. 

Check for Yahoo update

Your application can show issues while running when the app is not updated. Yahoo provides regular updates to its users. These new updates are the fix patches for your application. Without new updates, some functions of your Yahoo program may show errors. To fix this, you should always keep your app updated. 

  1. Go to your Android device
  2. Open Play Store and hit on the Profile
  3. Tap on Manage Apps and Device
  4. Select Update Available option
  5. Scroll and look for the Yahoo app
  6. Tap on the Update button
  7. Your Yahoo app will start updating

Wait until the Yahoo app update completes. Now go to your Yahoo mail and now check for the error.

Update your phone

Your mail can also show problems when your Android device is running out of date. People often forget to update their phones. Most Android devices have an auto-update feature. Whenever the new update appears, it immediately starts installing on your device. People mostly set Update only on the Wi-Fi option. Your device will only update when you have connected it to the Wi-Fi. If the device is not connected to Wi-Fi; it won’t update. Whenever your Yahoo or any app shows an error; go to the device and check for updates. Open Settings and click on System Updates. Now click on Check for Updates and Android will start looking for new updates. If the update is available; it will install on your device. After updates; restart your phone and now check the Yahoo mail error.

Check for RAM

Every application requires RAM to run on your phone. New phone devices have good RAM that allows you an easy process. You can run multiple apps simultaneously without any problem. But if your device has low RAM then it may show issues sometimes. Running multiple apps on low RAM is way difficult. If your Yahoo is not working then check for the RAM on your device. You have to free some RAM to run Yahoo. Go to your phone and check for acquired RAM. If the RAM is full then remove all apps running in the background. Now open your Yahoo mail and check for errors.

Remove junk from your device

Sometimes, system junk can also interrupt your Yahoo mail. Your device accumulates junk over time. The junk files are not malicious but can use space and RAM. When the device has lots of junk files; it starts interrupting other apps on your device. To fix your Yahoo issues; remove the junk. Run a junk cleaner on your device. After cleaning the junk, your Yahoo app will start working correctly.

Check for free space

Your Yahoo mail requires some space to update and run correctly. If the device has very less free space then Android will allow only system software to run. Your other application will start showing errors. This problem mainly appears when the user has an old Android device with less storage. Go to your phone and check for renaming free space. If the free space is very less; remove big files like videos, etc from your device. Check for unnecessary apps on the device. Remove those apps from your phone. After removing all unnecessary files and apps; check the free space. Once your device gets good free space; the Yahoo app will start working correctly.

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Run a malware scan

Your Yahoo or other apps can get issues when you have malware on your device. Malicious files such as viruses enter the device and start corrupting files and applications. If your Yahoo is not working properly then you should check for malware. But detecting viruses and removing them from your device manually is not easy. You should run an antivirus on your device. Install a good antivirus and run a scan. Wait until the scan completes. After scanning; restart the phone and now you can easily run your Yahoo mail.

Check for Yahoo credentials

Your Yahoo email will show errors when you are entering the wrong credentials. Go to the Yahoo app and enter the credentials carefully. Remember that password is case-sensitive. After providing the password, your Yahoo app will open and start working. If you don’t remember the Yahoo password then reset it. You can use your phone number or registered email address to reset the password. After resetting the password; you can access your Yahoo mail. 

Logout Yahoo on other devices

You can face Yahoo sync-related errors when the account is opened on multiple devices. If your Yahoo is showing an error on an Android device then go to other devices and log out of the account. Now go to your Android device and check Yahoo mail. If you are still getting errors then check for VPN. If you have enabled the VPN then disable it and now try to access Yahoo mail.