Guide To CBD: Ingesting Vs Inhaling

Hemp-derived CBD offers healing benefits that help us deal with a multitude of problems such as sleeplessness, aches, soreness, and many more. However, the method of consumption can have a massive impact on an individual’s experience with CBD. 

The use of CBD as a natural solution for wellness has grown substantially in recent years. A survey conducted in 2020 revealed that “at least one-third of respondents are using or have used cannabidiol products. Moreover, CBD popularity seems to be snowballing. A poll conducted just one year earlier showed a much smaller percentage of users — in 2019, only 14% of Americans said they were using CBD.” It is known for its therapeutic benefits that help deal with aches, soreness, sleeplessness, stress, and more.  

However, experience with CBD might differ depending on a multitude of factors such as individual’s body type, CBD dosage, strain, and most importantly, the type of consumption or delivery method. For example, eating a CBD-infused gummy and smoking a hemp joint deliver entirely different experiences. This blog walks you through two forms of CBD consumption and their benefits.  

Edible CBD guide 

What are CBD edibles? 

CBD edibles are food infused with CBD extract that can be directly ingested like gummies, brownies, candies, cookies, and much more. In fact, in today’s time, there is an endless list of CBD-infused delicacies like salad, hummus, pizza, and even your lattes.  

Can you ingest CBD? 

It is important to note that CBD is still in the early stages of research. There is still so much to learn about the long-term effects of CBD edibles. Having said that, CBD derived from hemp is non-intoxicating, organic, and safe. You can’t overdose on CBD, which makes it way safer than Opioid or OTC pain meds. It comes down to how much CBD you should take. If you are new, it’s best to “start low, go slow,” and slowly work your way up until you reach your desired results. Most edibles on the market contain 5 to 25mg of CBD.  

What are the benefits of CBD edibles? 

Here are the top benefits of taking CBD edibles: 

  1. Long-lasting relief: CBD edibles take a while to show their effects. It is slowly released over a long period, providing a long-lasting CBD experience. 
  2. Easy dosage: CBD edibles come in pre-dosed servings, which helps determine the exact amount of CBD you are ingesting.  
  3. Discreet method of consumption: CBD edibles are very discreet, and you can carry them anywhere for quick relief on the go. 
  4. Convenient and mess-free: Edibles are hassle-free, easy on the lungs, and most importantly, they can easily mask the earthy cannabis taste(if that’s what you prefer). 

How long does it take for them to work? 

CBD edibles have the longest onset time, which is why you need to calculate your dosage accordingly. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully experience the effects. However, the results last longer and deeper, up to 6 hours.  

What are they used for?  

CBD edibles are a fun way to incorporate CBD wellness into your daily routine, especially if you are new or can’t stand the cannabis taste. They are widely used to relieve aches or soreness, fight sleeplessness, reduce stress, uplift mood, and so forth.  

Smoking CBD Guide 

What is a CBD joint?  

A joint is usually cannabis rolled up inside a thin rolling paper that may come in various sizes, colors, or flavors. The rolling papers are made out of hemp or rice. Pre-rolled joints usually come with a crutch or filter, which acts as a base for the rolls allowing you to smoke till the end without burning your fingertips. One of the most commonly used hemp-derived products is CBD joints. They are very similar to your traditional joints, but instead of marijuana, they are made using hemp flowers.  

Can you smoke hemp flowers?  

Ever since Farm Bill 2018 legalized the cultivation of hemp plants, more and more millennials have been interested in exploring the plant’s benefits. All the therapeutic effects minus the mind-altering consequences? Yes, please! By now, we all know that hemp contains 0.3% of THC and a whopping 15% CBD, making it wholly legal yet effective. So, can you smoke a hemp joint? 

Of Course, you can! Burning hemp flowers is what activates the compounds helping them to reach our bloodstream as you inhale. 

Is smoking hemp addictive? 

Not only is smoking CBD not addictive, but it may also help reduce cravings for tobacco or drugs. With as little as 0.3% of THC in hemp, there is no way that you will get high smoking a CBD joint, but at the same time, you will feel super relaxed and calm.  

What are the benefits of smoking CBD prerolls? 

Here are the top benefits of smoking CBD:  

  1. Higher bioavailability: Bioavailability means how much CBD goes into your bloodstream. As you inhale the smoke, it reaches your lungs, which has higher chances of getting the compound into your system than edibles.  
  2. Fast-acting: Smoking is the quickest way to get CBD into your system.  
  3. It is safer than other smoking options: Hemp’s joints are entirely organic. They neither contain nicotine or tobacco, which makes them way healthier than your regular smoke.  

How long does it take for CBD joints to work?  

CBD prerolls are fast-acting. It takes up to 15 minutes to kick in and start showing its effects.  

What are they used for? 

Hemp flower contains high levels of CBD, which offers a plethora of wellness and therapeutic benefits. Smoking CBD prerolls after a long day helps you relax and destress without getting you stoned. It may help keep mental stressors like worries, stress, moodiness, and so on at bay. It is also believed as an excellent way to relieve aches and soreness. In addition, it may also help to improve sleep quality.  

Which is better and why? 

When it comes to which one is better – CBD joint or CBD edibles, it comes down to personal preference. When you inhale hemp smoke into your lungs, the active compound, CBD, is almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, making its way to the brain. On the other hand, when you eat an edible, it passes through the digestive tract, where the stomach then absorbs it, and CBD is metabolized in the liver. If you are looking for a quick, convenient, and easy-to-use delivery method, try CBD prerolls. Smoking CBD makes you feel calm and relaxed without getting you high. Depending on the CBD dosage and the person, smoking CBD might have sleepy, relaxed, or uplifting effects. In addition to feelings of relaxation, it may also help you deal with chronic aches or soreness.  

In Conclusion: 

Smoking is the fastest and the most effective way of experiencing CBD wellness. If you are looking for the best CBD prerolls, you can order one from the comforts of your couch. Dad Grass offers the finest pre-rolled hemp CBD joints made with 100% Certified Organic hemp flower, responsibly grown in the USA. Each joint is handcrafted from seed to smoke and wrapped in 100% organic hemp paper. They contain natural, plant-based extracts without harmful substances such as pesticides or additives with zero nicotine or tobacco.