A Guide to Apply for Driving License Online in Pakistan

Acquiring a driver’s licence in Pakistan is a very troubling and distressing task which can take up to months. However, there is good news for citizens. The Punjab Government introduced an innovative system through the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) for the convenience of people which is named as “Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS). This online system is invented solely for the management and issuing of driving license. It is important to note that this facility is available only for the Punjab citizens. It is being operated in 36 different districts of Punjab. Moreover, the progress of the license can be tracked by people online and the instructions for applying for a driver’s licence is also available. 

The procedure to apply for a driver’s license is quite simple.

  1. Login to the DLIMS official website.
  2. Go into the downloads section to download the form required for applying.
  3. Click on the Licensing Centre tab to hunt down the nearest Licensing Centre which is closest to your home location.
  4. Submit all the required documents at the centre.
  5. Meet the licensing authority after completing the 42 days of the learning period.
  6. Prepare for the initial theoretical test in order to pass it.
  7. At the end, take the driving test which you have to pass.

The rules differ in other cases where a person wants to renew his license or needs a duplicate license. In these cases, it is not required to take the theoretical or driving tests. Only the documents need to be submitted. It is likewise in the case for gaining a new International license.

The required documents vary from one case to another. However, the documents needed for a driver’s licence is given below.

Documents required for a Permanent License 

  1. The Application form (A) given in a file cover 
  2. The person’s medical certificate.
  3. Attested CNIC copy 
  4. Three attested passport size photographs. 
  5. Fee ticket which is mentioned in the License Documents
  6. An original Learner Permit whose minimum duration should be 6 weeks. 

The manual record of the needed documents are kept safely by the licensing authorities because the entire process of the license issuance is not digitized yet. Due to this, the person applying for the License has to visit the centre personally in order to submit the required documents. We hope that the Punjab Government not only digitizes this convenient system, but the DLIMS is introduced in other provinces as well.