Growth of Gaming Industry in Southeast Asia

Do you know that the gaming industry is the most flourishing industry still in this unprecedented time of pandemics with games such as Drift Hunters?  Thanks to 5G, cloud computing and digitalization are playing an imperative role in their growth. Consequently, people can play high-resolution games no matter where they are.  The gaming industry is very dynamic and it is very difficult to retain players. Therefore, many developers are thinking of entering new foreign markets. To your surprise, it is one of the fastest-growing regions of the gaming translation industry in Southeast Asia.

So many game developers want to tap into Southeast Asian markets. We all know that English is a universal language but it is necessary to adopt the local languages if you want to enter a foreign market. The lucrative Southeast markets consist of the countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Timor-leste, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. People prefer to buy products and services that are in their native language. In the same way, they download games if the games are in their mother tongue. For example, if you want to release your game in the Malaysian market, you must go for Malay translation services.

How to Select Markets for Your Game 

You cannot tap into any market without any proper planning. For this, you must know the characteristics of the market that you aim to target. Let’s have a look at the characteristics which make Southeast Asia a good choice for marketing your game.

·         Increase in urbanization       

·         Young population

Do you know that Southeast Asian people are young, energetic, and spent lavishly on games? The younger population is increasing in Southeast Asia. The southeast Asian population contributes 8.58% of the world’s population and the average median age is 30 years.

As far as urbanization is considered, people in Southeast countries are moving to cities. Do you want to know why? This is because in cities network connections are available that are not provided in rural areas. According to the report by the United Nations, the share of the urban world population will increase up to  60% by 2030.

When we talk about Southeast Asia,  the urban population is at 50%  and it is increasing with an average rate of 2.2% each year. One important thing to note is that people earn more in urban settings because of increased buying power. Here the question is how people will opt to buy your games if they don’t understand your language. So here you must take the assistance of gaming translation services.

Revolution in Games

Surprisingly, about 70% of the Southeast Asian population is subscribed to mobile games. Therefore 70% of the revenue came from mobile games. On the other hand, PC revenue contributes to 22% and consoles give the revenue up to 8%. The latest technology in mobile phones has compelled people living in rural areas to download games on mobiles instead of  PC devices and consoles. Due to digitalization, the latest gaming gadgets are easily available on cell phones. Due to the limited space on mobile phones, it is very difficult to translate games for mobiles. So here you must go for professional translation services.

How to Get Started in Southeast Asia

The characteristics and languages of each target market are different. Therefore you must consider some other things

·         Understand consumer behavior and geographic distribution.

·         Examine your competitor

·         Check out the time that your users spend with your product.

If you find out that the customer spends less time on your game as compared to another country then you must translate your games into local languages. For example, if customers are downloading fewer games in Malaysia than Cambodia then you must go for Malay translation services. In this way, people will prefer to download it and will spend more time on your game.  They will feel that the game is designed for them. Thus it will increase your success in the foreign market and you will reap high profits.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to cater to the gaming market of  Southeast Asia? Whether you want to target Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines, take the assistance of professional translation services because they employ a team of native translators. These translators can provide you with robust gaming translation services in a fast turnaround time. In this way, you will reach your potential customers before your competitors.