Group 500 Review – A Cutting-Edge Trading Platform For Online Traders

Group 500 Review

We believe that Group 500 may be the broker that you have been searching for, and with good reason. This broker has shown time and again just how great its services and features are, as well as its ability to help its clients earn substantial profits. So, sit back and let us tell you about this amazing broker through our Group 500 review.

Trading platform

For starters, let us first take the trading platform into consideration. More often than not, other brokers tend to neglect this aspect in favour of other features such as account options and a diverse asset index. While it is, of course, essential to do well on other fronts, it is also nevertheless crucial that a broker provides an easy to use and understandable trading platform (as this is normally the first aspect of a broker that traders would see).

With that in mind, we tried out Group 500’s trading platform for ourselves and let us be the first to tell you that our experience was fantastic. Everything worked, and we did not face any issues either. Also, through the broker’s ‘WebTrader’, you can enjoy a state-of-the-art platform that can be accessed through the web, which provides access to many leading financial markets. What’s more, is that you can access these features on the platform from any device with a stable Internet connection.

Account options

If you are looking for a broker that offers diversity when it comes to its account options, then you are in luck because Group 500 has provided its traders with five different account types to choose from. This kind of diversity is often needed nowadays simply because the online trading industry is growing both in size and popularity, and so there is a need to offer traders of all kinds with different account options which would be designed to match the individual preferences of the traders. 

As such, the five account options provided by Group 500 are called ‘Siver’, ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’, ‘Signature’, and ‘VIP’. All options will require a different minimum deposit to use, so we would recommend that you do a thorough check of both your risk appetite and budget prior to choosing an account. Also, traders can only opt for the ‘VIP’ option if a personal invitation has been given by Group 500.

Trading tools

Both seasoned veterans and new traders often resort to the usage of certain trading tools, which can be utilized to both improve your understanding of the online trading sector and to help you earn more money. To that end, some of the trading tools provided by Group 500 include a useful economic calendar, tools for risk management, fundamental and technical analyses, and even a crypto-glossary.

Group 500 wants to ensure that all of its traders are provided for. It is, therefore, worth signing up with this broker as the trading tools are all top-notch and can be used quite easily (depending on your overall skill level and expertise as a trader).


The online trading industry often undergoes key changes and is constantly evolving, so there is certainly both a desire and need to stay informed about these changes and keep up-to-date on what is going on within the sector. With that in mind, you need access to educational resources which can help you on this front, and that is exactly what Group 500 has provided.

Some of our personal favourite educational resources, which are provided by Group 500, involve access to interesting and insightful seminars and webinars, the basics of forex trading, and instructive videos. Do check out these educational materials when you can, as it really is worth the effort.

Customer support

By navigating to the broker’s official website, you will find the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Group 500 wants its clients to know that no matter what happens while trading, every problem shall be taken care of in a timely manner. To that end, its customer support team is highly trained and will help at a moment’s notice.

You can reach the team via the aforementioned tab, wherein an online contact form will be presented. You can then fill out the form (which will ask you for details such as your name, email and phone number), and a Group 500 representative will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you may make a direct call or send out an email.

Final verdict Group 500 is one of those brokers that exemplifies both quality and class when it comes to the features and services that it readily provides. We are thus more than comfortable with recommending this broker to anyone looking to get involved with online trading. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to Group 500 itself. 

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