Gregg Wallace Immediate Fortune Review Scam Or Legit?

The Bank of England has launched a hunt for Gregg Wallace and John Torode for disclosing confidential details to the public

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The revelation that left everyone stunned was unveiled on air, Gregg Wallace and John Torode didn’t hold anything back. The scandal erupted when Gregg and John decided to share their well-guarded secret during a live interview. Gregg’s and John’s words instantly grabbed the attention of countless viewers, prompting a flurry of messages. In response, the British Securities Commission intervened, forcing an abrupt interruption of the program as they demanded its immediate cessation.

We were able to obtain a copy of the recording of this show by persuading the director of “Graham Norton Show”. It is important to note that this article, like the broadcast, may soon be removed. Therefore, we would suggest that you check out the link provided to us by Gregg Wallace and John Torode themselves if you happen to read this article.


  • Gregg Wallace:¬†“Let me tell you something, you don’t have to work to be rich. If you figure that out, you’ll be well off.”
  • Graham Norton:¬†“Since there is a way to do it, why not share it with us?”
  • Gregg Wallace:¬†“What’s the point? I never get anything back for sharing my secrets. In any way, don’t even try to find out how I earned my riches in the past 3 years. I won’t reveal my secret to anyone, even if you offer me a lot. Otherwise, common Britons will never learn how to look for opportunities. More than that, if they find out how I do it, the whole country could suffer.”
  • Graham Norton:¬†“What harm would making money do to Britain?”
  • John Torode:¬†“Think about it. If a man can become a millionaire in less than two months, why keep working? Sure,¬†everyone can use my method, but who would work in restaurants, stores, or factories if everyone were wealthy?”
  • Graham Norton:¬†“This sounds too good to be true. I have always believed you to be honest and sincere, but I don’t believe you.”
  • John Torode:¬†“Did you just call me a liar? Huh, I’ll prove it to you that any poor Brit can make thousands of dollars a day by just spending 10-20 minutes of free time a day. I’ll show you how much I make doing so myself. Long story short, stocks have something to do with it, and everybody is getting rich on them right now.”
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John Torode pulled out his phone and opened some kind of app on it. John then handed the phone to the Graham Norton, who was shocked by what he saw.

John Torode:¬†“How cool is that? I’ve only spent ¬£200 to get started, and now this program is earning me tens of thousands a day, and it even works while I’m asleep.”

Within seconds, the operator approached the Graham Norton and whispered something to him.

Graham Norton: “I just heard the camera captured the link you just showed me when you handed me your cell phone. The whole audience saw it.”

John Torode:¬†“A call from me will ensure that this issue doesn’t air. You must cut the link you saw. I do not want to share it with anyone.”

Graham Norton:¬†“We’re on live TV, so there’s no need to hide it anymore. Maybe it’s better to let common Britons learn what it’s all about.”

John Torode:¬†“Yes, it’s beyond my control now. Well, it has been three years since I started using the¬†platform. All you have to do is register using this link and make a deposit of at least ¬£200. This is the minimum amount required for the program to function properly. Once that’s done, Once that’s done, you just let the team of professional traders on the¬†platform¬†do the rest. Checking your balance and withdrawing your earnings is all you need to do.”

Graham Norton:¬†“Can you explain how this program works and teach us how to earn as¬†much as you do?”

Athena AI detection of civilian and military objectsGRAHAM NORTON

Gregg Wallace:¬†“It does not require any skills or knowledge. If you give me your cell phone, I’ll register you for¬†Immediate Fortune, and you’ll personally find out how much you can earn after the interview.”

Graham Norton handed Gregg Wallace his cell phone. It only took minutes for a personal account to be created, and a minimum deposit had already been made.

Graham Norton:¬†“That’s it? What should I do next?”

Gregg Wallace:¬†“There is nothing else to do. We’ll see how much money you’ll earn in 20 minutes.”

Graham Norton:¬†“If it truly works, then what are Britons who don’t have a minimum deposit amount supposed to do?”

Gregg Wallace:¬†“When I learned about¬†Immediate Fortune, I didn’t have any extra money, since we were going through a pandemic. Alternatively, you can use a credit card to fund your account. Money is useless if it does not work. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.”

About 20 minutes later it was time to check the Graham Norton’s balance.

John Torode:¬†“So, how much did you earn in those 20 minutes?”

Graham Norton:¬†“I can’t believe it! I earned ¬£30 and now my balance is ¬£405! Is it true?”

Athena AI detection of civilian and military objectsIMAGE SOURCE,GRAHAM NORTON’S PERSONAL ACCOUNT
Graham Norton didn’t believe his eyes

Soon after, the Bank of England called the studio. Their fear caused them to demand that the live broadcast be halted immediately. Taking advantage of Immediate Fortune would cause the banking system to lose customers. The only thing people would use their cards for would be withdrawals of their income from the platform. That isn’t profitable for any bank.

Following the interruption, one of our editors Joe Reiss decided to test this method for himself. He wrote a detailed report on his findings.

Joe Reiss is a 45-year-old father of 2 boys whose wife lost her job last year due to illness. He admitted he was struggling financially and this investment opportunity could be the answer.

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Joe’s family was struggling to make ends meet and hoped that Immediate Fortune could relieve his the financial pressure, so he decided to test the system and report his results

Day 1:

“My first impression was that it would not be that simple. Despite that, I really wanted to check it out. I had to use my credit card because I didn’t have enough money to make the minimum deposit at the time of the investigation. I successfully invested¬†¬£200¬†and waited to see what would happen.

When nothing happened, I thought I’d been duped. However, the algorithm started working after a few minutes. I was overjoyed, but then I saw the stats – my first trade was unprofitable by ¬£22!
In the first couple minutes of working with this¬†platform, there were some losses. But the next deal, as well as 4 after it, helped me gain more money. In a few minutes,¬†my balance increased from ¬£200 to 340!“.

Day 2:

“The first thing I did in the morning was check my balance, which showed¬†¬£814! In just one day, my balance doubled. Despite wanting to withdraw my profit, I decided to wait a week.”

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Day 7:

“Haven’t checked my balance on the Immediate Fortune¬†platform¬†all week. It was kind of difficult because I was afraid that my money was no longer there. As soon as I got back to my office, I saw that almost 85% of all deals were profitable. There were another 15% that didn’t work. Despite that, it paid off. I now have ¬£4230 on my account! I withdrew ¬£3500 to buy a present for my wife. It all happened very fast, within an hour, and the rest of the money kept bringing me income.”

Athena AI detection of civilian and military objects
Image caption,

Here is the bank statement

“There’s nothing better than¬†Immediate Fortune! If I hadn’t withdrawn my profits, ¬£200 would have turned into a million in 11 weeks.”

  • 1.¬†Use¬†the link¬†provided by Gregg Wallace and John Torode.
  • 2. IMPORTANT! Wait for a call from our manager to confirm registration

  • 3.¬†Top up your balance. The¬†minimum deposit¬†to start the program is¬†¬£200.
  • 4.¬†After step 3, in a few minutes,¬†the program will begin¬†to conclude transactions.
  • 5. Withdrawal of money¬†can be made at any time, they are credited to the account¬†within 2-3 hours¬†(depending on the bank).