Greffe de Cheveux Turquie Global Medical Care

Award winning revolutionary system for hair transplant.

For more than a decade we have been helping patients from all over the world to find the best treatment options for them including hair transplants under the Global Medical Care brand. We are not forwarding our patients to any institution. We are not commissioners of any of them and we are running our own services in different countries for the best results of our patients.

For 2 years we have been using a completely revolutionary system that brought us our award: 4 in 1 hair transplant.

4 in 1 implant cheveux turquie

In order to get the best results, the Global Medical Care medical consultant team which is formed by European doctors created a unique 4 in 1 Methodology for hair transplant ( greffe de cheveux turquie ). Here is how our hair transplants are done with this unique method:

1. MICRO FUE Greffe de Cheveux

In MICRO FUE hair transplant, best hair roots are selected by medical teams one by one using 3rd generation micromotors with 0.5-0.7 mm openings. This is the most developed system to remove grafts without damaging the donor area and keeping its great look. With this methodology, we can extract 20% more grafts with much less damage than standard systems.

2. VITA- ICE FUE Greffe de Cheveux

In VITA-ICE FUE greffe de cheveux (hair transplant), all your extracted grafts are placed in a mixture of a number of antioxidants and other vitamins designed to strengthen and revitalize hair follicles. This ensures that each graft is kept at an optimal condition after harvesting, balancing the pH levels and preventing the loss of any follicles prior to transplantation. This solution also acts as a coolant, bringing the temperature of the follicles down and triggering a natural anti-inflammatory effect. With the help of this methodology, we keep 25% more grafts alive before their transplantation.

3. SAPPHIRE FUE Greffe de Cheveux

In SAPPHIRE FUE hair transplant canal openings are done with special blades called Sapphire. These special hair transplant blades open canals with special shapes that help hair follicles hold on to where we place them. This proved 17% less follicle loss and an accelerated healing time.

4. HD FUE Greffe de Cheveux

In HD FUE hair transplant implant capillaire turquie , we use special nano-liquids that expend the scalp 33% more than normal liquids. With this, we can place up to 100 grafts/cm2.

In all our hair transplants we use as well needleless anestesia.

Needle-less Anesthesia Greffe de Cheveux

On top of this unique methodology, for the comfort of all our greffe de cheveux hair transplant patients, we start our operations with needleless anesthesia techniques. In this implementation, the anesthesia is pushed in the scalp with high air pressure not using a needle. In such a way you never feel any pain.

So all our patients can be sure that they will be :

1. Operated with a unique methodology that we call 4in1. In such a way, you may be sure that you are operating with the best possible methodology.

2. Followed by European doctors throughout your operation to

a. ensure that the operation is really done with our unique method.

b. ensure that a second professional eye is checking on the others.

3. Operated in the right hygiene standards in proper intervention rooms.

4. Operated by very skilled medical teams led by doctors who have very extensive experience. All these teams are selected by our European medical doctors based on their success rates, on real patients, in the last 3 years.

5. Followed after your operation up to one year

In such a way we can ensure the best hair transplant turkey results you can get. Please note that even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. But continuous success is a matter of the right team, the right methods and high expertise. This is what we are offering as Global Medical Care.