GreenDress – Your Affordable Used Clothing Store in Canada

Women all over the world are opting for second-hand clothing for many reasons. Our favourite two are that it is more affordable while still providing you with quality designer clothing pieces and that it is very environmentally friendly and contributes to a greener Earth.

These are also two of the reasons why we created GreenDress. We want to provide women in Canada with a second-hand online store that they can browse through and buy affordable second-hand ladies’ tops, used dresses, accessories, any pieces, really, and all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

At GreenDress, our second-hand clothes collection varies from ladies’ tops to coats, dresses, shoes, and more. We basically offer all the designer and non-designer clothing any woman can need to look good every day. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is still grappling with, everyone is trying to adjust in the face of higher costs of living, higher costs of clothing, and the increasing need for safety.

Our second-hand online store is a way for women to maintain their clothing needs while adjusting to the shifting situation. To explain it in more simple terms, here are some reasons why GreenDress should be your choice for a quality online thrift store in Canada

1. We offer the most beautiful and fashionable used designer and non-designer clothing. Buying new clothing pieces gets more expensive every day, so why go through the stress when you can get the same pieces at the most affordable prices with us? For example, where else would you see such cute and affordable used dresses and second-hand coats?

2. All our clothing is of the best quality. The best thing about our second-hand clothes is that you would never know they’re second-hand if we didn’t say so. Some still have their tags on, and all are carefully curated and bought from individual sellers or verified smoke-free homes.

3. GreenDress is the most convenient second-hand online store to buy from because all the pieces you buy from us go from the screen directly to your home. We use Canada Post to ensure this happens as they deliver to homes all over Canada. This makes shopping from us very easy and comfortable, and the best part is that when you buy from us, all duties and customs fees are excluded from your bill.

4. We have the widest variety of used clothes online. If you think it can be second-hand, then we have it. Our second-hand pieces include the best quality of shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, formal wear, activewear, scarves and accessories, jackets and coats, and the cutest bags.

5. By buying used clothes online from GreenDress, you save money for yourself and contribute to the health of your environment. Every new top, dress, or shoe you don’t buy is a little less harm done to the Earth, and no matter how small, it has an impact. So please help us help Earth and check out our second-hand online store.

There are endless reasons why you should pick us as your trusty online thrift store in Canada. Still, ultimately the only reason you need is that our shopping process is easy and convenient, and you get the prettiest pieces (some of which you’d never see in a clothing store.)

We don’t need to convince you anymore that GreenDress is the best of the used clothing stores in Canada. You can see for yourself by checking out our inventory of beautiful tops, dresses, accessories, and other pieces. We bet you’ll end up with a very full cart and a wallet and closet that’ll thank you for it.

Jennifer Alex

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