Green Tea- A Healthy Beverage with Impressive Health Benefits

Making the switch from coffee to green tea is a smart and healthy idea. There are lots of benefits in that just one cup of green tea, including the ability to enhance brain functions to impressive fat-burning properties. Well, before you can Buy Tea online India, have a look at some important questions related to green tea to know more about it.

Does green tea reduce belly fat?

Most people buy green tea and consume it daily as it helps in reducing belly fat. As per some studies, it helps lose visceral fat located around the abdomen area. Consuming two cups of green tea every day can help you improve your body composition.

What happens if I drink green tea everyday?

Different studies have proved that green tea has some health-supporting compounds. So, by drinking it regularly, you can trigger your weight loss process. Besides, you can lower the risk of different health issues, like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and more. Coffee is not the only source of caffeine. Compared to coffee, green tea is a healthier source of getting caffeine. Besides, some studies have proved that drinking green tea can reduce anxiety. What’s more? It can also improve some risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks. Buy green tea online now, use it regularly and keep your body healthy for years.

Can we add lemon to green tea for weight loss?

Yes, you can add lemon to your green tea to support a faster and healthier weight loss process. Multiple studies have proved that this combination can trigger the fat-burning process while supporting weight loss. Just drink it regularly, and you can witness the changes within a few weeks.

Which is the best time to drink green tea?

Well, if you want to increase your attention and alertness, then you can drink your green tea in the morning. On the other hand, having a cup of green tea before your exercise can boost the fat burning process while lowering your muscle damage. Don’t take green tea before going to as it can affect your sleeping ability. Green tea contains caffeine, and it is a diuretic. You should drink it at least two to three hours before going to bed.

Can we drink green tea empty stomach?

From controlling your blood sugar to supporting weight loss, green tea can offer you a lot of impressive health benefits. But you should not drink it on an empty stomach. As it has catechins, green tea, when consumed on an empty stomach, can have negative effects on your liver. Besides, you may suffer from constipation and bleeding disorders, and it can also lower the body’s iron absorption ability.

Green tea, no doubt, is one of the healthiest beverages for all as it is loaded with a higher level of antioxidants. Buy Tea online Indiaand add it to your diet to start enjoying the benefits and lose weight faster.