Greece Golden Visa 

Greece Golden Visa is a type of residence permit for non-EU citizens who invest in Greece. This type of permit provides the resident with many benefits, including the chance to travel to the Schengen countries visa-free. Hence, it is in high demand: over 9,600 investors (28,800 including their family members) have been granted residency through Golden Visa in Greece since the start of the program in 2013.

Besides being beneficial and affordable for the investor, the program also serves the welfare of Greece. More than €2,5 billion was invested in Greece by the applicants of the Greece Golden Visa during the 9 years the program was ongoing. By the look of things, these numbers are only going to increase for the program shows a persistence to be favored with each passing day. 

Who Can Apply? 

All citizens of the non-EU and the non-EEA countries that are at least 18 years old can apply for the Golden Visa in Greece. To be an eligible applicant, you need to have medical insurance. If you’re planning to relocate with your family, all family members should have insurance. In addition to these requirements, your criminal record should be clean and you need to make a good impression regarding your character. Lastly, you’re required to make an investment in Greece, of course. 

Investment Types 

There are a few types of investments you can make to become a Golden Visa holder. You can choose the most suitable option for you considering your budget and priorities.

  • Buying a real estate that’s worth at least €250,000 
  • Signing a 10-year long agreement of lease 
  • Investing at least €400,000 in government bonds
  • Investing at least €400,000 in shares or bonds of Greek real estate investment firms 
  • Investing at least €400,000 in private equity funds or venture funds’ bonds and shares

Advantages of the Greece Golden Visa 

The benefits of the Greece Golden Visa are too numerous to be counted. Let’s list a few of the considerably important ones:

  • Relocating to Greece with your family and living there for a limitless period of time
  • Staying in Greece is not obligatory at all
  • Access to public healthcare and education
  • Visiting Schengen countries without needing a visa
  • The amount you need to invest to apply for the Greek Golden Visa is really low when compared to other European countries (a minimum sum of €250,000)
  • Affordable real estate properties 
  • Greece citizenship is circuitously possible through Greece Golden Visa
  • Benefiting from the tax advantages for expats, digital nomads, and citizens of countries that have tax treaties with Greece

How To Apply for the Greece Golden Visa

  1. Selecting the type of investment and property suitable for you
  2. Getting a non-resident tax number in Greece and opening an account in a Greek bank
  3. Property acquisition through the assistance of an attorney
  4. Collect the documents that are required for the Greece Golden Visa application
  5. Go to Greece for your biometrics appointment
  6. Obtain your Golden Visa Residence Card

Is It Possible to Obtain Greek Citizenship Through Greece Golden Visa?

It’s not possible to get Greece citizenship by investment directly. However, Golden Visa in Greece can pave the way for citizenship in the long run. 

If you meet the requirements after completing at least a seven-year residency in Greece, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. An important detail is that you need to be a tax resident throughout these seven years. 

In addition to these, you need to have certification proving you know Greek and demonstrate liking and curiosity for the Greek culture or the country itself. 

Now that you know the basics and perks of the Greece Golden Visa, it’s time to apply and have a change of pace!

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