Greatest nicknames in football

In some countries they’re more common than in others, nicknames for football players. Some based on appearance, others on names and some are just completely random, but therefore also very funny. Curious to get to know some of the greatest nicknames ever?

  • The Divine Ponytail – Roberto Baggio
    The Divine Ponytail, the name says it all. Italian playmaker Roberto Baggio wore his hair in a ponytail, no surprises there. The divine-part he earned with his incredible free kicks and great achievements at his clubs and for his country. In Italian his nickname sounds even better: Il DivinCodino. Just pronounce it in an Italian accent and you can feel the magic.
  • The bull of the Bosphorus – HakanŞükür
    A name a bit less sophisticated than the Divine Ponytail, but this doesn’t make it worse. The Turkish striker was immensely popular in Istanbul, the city the river Bosporus runs through. Or at least, by one part of the city, that of Galatasaray. That’s where he scored staggering amounts of goals before retiring in 2008.
  • The ginger Pelé – James Collins
    As soon as a Brazilian kid passes by a couple of opponents they’re bound to be deemed the new Pelé. For Welsh defenders like James Collins this isn’t a nickname that usual. But the better it sounds because of it. He never passed seven opponents to score a screamer of a goal or produced a last minute bicycle kick, but somehow he deserves the nickname.
  • Chicarito – Javier Hernández
    Little pea, that’s the literal translation of Chicarito. Little pea, not a nickname you’d want for yourself. But Javier Hernández had no choice. His father was known by the nickname of Chicaro, which means pea. So as a son of his he had to the little pea.
  • The Maradona of the Carpathians – Gheorghe Hagi
    Contrary to the nickname of James Collins this one is more deserved. Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi had a great career playing for clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Steau Bucharest. And maybe even better known for his role in the Romanian national team at the world cup in 1994, where he help them reach the quarter finals.

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