Graphic Design Ideas to Build Clientele

As you begin your career as a graphic designer or take the steps to grow the customer base you already have, you must be aware of what steps you should take to attract new clients to your company. Knowing what you have to offer to those that you want to work with then guiding them as well as yourself through the process of developing their new art or website will get you prepared to reach out to new business partners. Here are a few ways that your graphic design skill will build your clientele.

Think About What Your Skills Are

Before you reach out to potential clients, determine the aspect of graphic design that you are good at. Look at your education and see what areas you did your best work in. Apply that to the arena that you hoped to be in, whether it is creating logos, building websites, or boosting social media accounts. Doing this research into your own skill will help you narrow down the customer base that you want to reach and how you can best serve their needs when you partner with them.

Set Up a WebsiteTo Showcase Your Work

Customers will want to partner with you if they are impressed with the portfolio that you assemble of your accomplishments. This will require additional labor on your part. Once you identify the market that best suits your talent, build a website that displays what you can do. Show examples of the logos, pictures, and other sites that you have assembled. To stay organized, you may consider dedicating a page to each subject. This will make browsing easier for those people who are interested in what you do. If you have done other projects before this, such as designing a site that helps a sales corporation with CRM comparison, be sure to add it to where it applies. Make your name, address, and contact information clearly noticeable so that clients can contact you. You can share the web address on your social media pages and other online sources to draw future businesses to it. This will allow them to experience first hand how you can assist them with their graphic arts needs. 

Discover Who Would Be Interested In What You Do

Once you know the area that you want to specialize in, determine what customers will be interested in what you do. Research specific markets and record what businesses are in that field. Set up a database for yourself to keep track of who you wish to talk to. You should note any details that might be important to you, such as what their current logos are or a link to their site. Use the information that you have gathered to connect with potential clients and talk to them about what you can offer to them. 

Talk To Your Customer About What They Want

Schedule a time to talk to your potential client about what they want for graphics for their company. Ask them to be as specific as they can concerning colors, shades, size, and where they intend to use the design. Offer suggestions where you can add an effect or additional items that will make what they want catch the eye of their consumer. Take detailed notes about their requests and keep them close by so that you can refer to them frequently. Also, record all of their contact information and the best time to reach them. This way you can reach out to them if you have a question as you are working. 

Tell Them What You Are Able To Do For Them

Inform your customer about your knowledge in graphic arts and how that will apply to their design. Explain where your strengths lie and what you are able to do to get the results that they want. You will also need to be willing to advise them against something that might be difficult to accomplish or will be less attractive than what they imagine. Give them a detailed cost list of the project then lay out the timeline for it. Be sure that they understand how much they will have to pay for your services. Set a due date for the project that you both agree on before you accept the job. This way you will both know what to expect when the process begins. 

Design Their Graphic As Close As You Can To Their Specifications

When the time comes to work on their design, sit down with their notes to study what they want in a graphic. Look up their website to learn about what they do. This would be a good source to draw from if you need additional colors or symbols to add to your project. Also, find out who they compete against in their market and take note of what their site looks like. You will want to create something that makes your customer stand out from them. This will avoid any confusion that their consumers might have when they are researching who to buy from. Add your own touch to the product as you make it to enhance what you started with.

Ask For Their Feedback

Be in constant communication with your client as you work on their project. Send mock-ups on what they requested so that you can get their opinion during the process. This way, you will be able to make changes while you are still in the design stage instead of having to tear it apart once it is finished if they are dissatisfied with it. Take their feedback into consideration as you continue to through the stage you are in until you have a completed graphic that they love. Save the final product in a format that they can use before you send it to them. 

Talk To Others About What You Know

Speaking about what you know to others helps reinforce your skill. As you articulate, you have to think through your experiences which can assist you in strengthening your knowledge in the subject. Offer to write for a blog or a website about a specific process that you excel at or about a topic that they offer. If you have the education, volunteer to teach a course in graphics arts to students that are interested in the subject. Network with those in your industry and discuss the new and upcoming trends that are happening. Whether you are a new artist or one in the industry, coming up with new, innovative graphic design ideas can grow your own business and lead more clients to you to use your services. Determining your strengths, working with companies on what they want, or talking to others about what you know can improve your own skill as well as bring you the customers you need to succeed.