Graffiti Street Art: Reinstating the faith of art in the modern society of today

Graffiti has always been a nuance that has always been perceived as a negative connotation defacing properties with paints and other materials. It has often been inextricably linked with the carefree hip-hop culture and turned out to be one of the main elements of the movement. Despite all these negative notions people have about graffiti, slowly but steadily it has transformed into a prominent art form in modern society. 

Graffiti since history to the modern days 

Despite being perceived as a modern art form, graffiti has been there since ancient times. The remains of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii prove that people in the past era expressed their thoughts and emotions by writing on the walls of public and private places in the form of wall murals. Everything from poems to drawings and slogans was found preserved on the walls of ancient times. 

Rome was not the only place where graffiti from ancient times were found. Our ancestors from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and many other places took to the walls to express their feelings and thoughts. During the era of the wars and violent political rivalries in the United States and England, people were seen doing various types of graffiti on the walls.  

Modern-day street art is a powerful platform for reaching the public. It has transformed into a new cult in the modern world and the motivations of the street artists are as varied as the artists themselves. While some try to raise social and political awareness, others simply use the space for the mural artist, while there are also a few who take it as a challenge and accept the risks that are associated with an illicit artwork in public places. 

Graffiti and other forms of street art have received a lot of popularity in the last few years. International artists like Bansky and Shepard Fairey have been a couple of prominent names leading the street art movement. In recent years, the tone of street art has also changed from being highly aggressive. The artists have mellowed down and a majority of them have taken it as a revolution of modern art of a different level. It is now being considered more mature and humanist. Now street wall art Melbourne is encouraging people to feel better about street art. 

A possible reason for this attitude from aggressive to soft is all because of the public’s empathy towards the artists. The formation of the street artist community and their acceptance has led these artists from being rebellious to beloved characters on the streets. 

A great piece of street art can be highly transformative. It can transform not only the object on which it has been created but can also transform an entire community  Graffiti artists often use their art as a form of self-expression, social commentary, or to make a statement about a particular issue or cause. Some graffiti artists gain recognition and develop a following for their unique style and contributions to the urban art scene.. With modern technologies, street artists can show their art to the whole world. Today the street art movement is more energetic and full of life. And it will continue to grow and change.