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Videos created by applications guided by artificial intelligence tend to gain massive popularity very quickly. TikTok generates an average of 4,459 daily pageviews. Without resorting to paid advertisements,

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GPTOK   – Text From This Video

Matty Ice, an alien, is the de facto leader of the indigenous people. Welcome to the first video of 2023! I hope that you had a wonderful start to the new year and are eager to get to work on some fantastic projects in 2018. To kick off the new year, I though I’d share an awesome video with you all. I anticipate much enjoyment from this contest. Switcher, General Purpose Term You may have heard of a thing called “chat,” and I’m going to tell you about it. Perhaps you’re not familiar with it, but I just learned about it a week and a half ago and have been experimenting with it ever since. Whether you’re a marketer, agency owner, small company owner, or anything else, this is one of the most impressive and effective artificial intelligence marketing tools available today. The outcome of the game might drastically alter because of this. When promoting your company in various methods, it may help you save a great deal of time. Listen closely because I’m going to offer you some illustrations right at the conclusion. Let me demonstrate how I put it to use in my daily operations. The anticipation is killing me. enough to the threshold of fear to warrant consideration. I mean, look how advanced this technology is becoming. However, it is very bizarre, so, oh!

It’s the GPTOK Local OTO.

Just as always, all I want is Please press the “like” button and subscribe if you found the video useful. I want to elaborate on this and other tactics in upcoming videos, showing you step by step how to generate a variety of materials. To do this, one might use a variety of promotional methods. In that case, please join up and, if it’s okay with you, click on any affiliate links. You may find them in the details. Hey, what’s up? GPT is now available without cost, but we’ll be supplementing it with a few more tools. If you like the channel and stuff like this, please consider making a donation. Let’s just get this done now. Let’s get ready to rock. It’s an AI-created chatbot that’s surprisingly astute. This product, developed by Open AI, was released to the public on November 30, 2022. Now is the time to take advantage of its zero-cost availability. I can’t put my finger on why I like it so much at the moment. I can’t put my finger on why it is that I like it so much. Wishful thinking tells me that anything like this won’t be free for long, but you never know. It use machine learning to provide responses to users’ requests for information. In a moment, I’ll demonstrate how this works in detail, if you’re curious.

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What it really means is “generative, pre-trained transformer.” I can’t make sense of it. Simply said, I love OpenAI and believe it’s fantastic. Your effort to create this is very impressive. Join us by making an account, chatting, or going to dot openai. You know that if you only enter your name, email address, and phone number, you’ll be brought to a dashboard much like this one, right? You have firsthand experience with the effectiveness of this instrument and its accompanying program. It’s incredible how simple it is, how well it’s served you, and how far you’ve come thanks to it. Whatever queries or demands you make will determine the outcome. Now you have an idea of how long it will take. A few days were required for me to get a rough understanding of what it says and how it operates. Nonetheless, I’d want to provide you with a number of illustrations. I’ll start by demonstrating how it works. Then, I’ll continue with the example and demonstrate a few instances of what I’m doing. In a moment, I’ll try to duplicate it here. I plan on using this to launch the YouTube Cash Cow Channel, an entirely new channel dedicated to generating leads. That was a lot to say, but I’m going to say it anyhow. Eventually, I’ll make a video explaining how that works. In any case, my overarching goal is to leverage the money I generate from ads on the channel as a source of passive income for my company. Then then, I figured I may as well produce a video promoting my SAS product since I’m going to do videos anyhow.

The Greatest Possible Time-Of-Day-Of-Week-Of-

As a result, if you operate an SAS agency, you provide a service to micro and small enterprises. The tasks you do may include research and lead generation. I’m essentially creating a lead-generation YouTube channel for my customers utilizing chat, GPT, and images, and you guys should check it out since it has the potential to be massive. I’ll demonstrate how simple it is for me to produce passable films in under half an hour to an hour, depending on their length. You’ll see exactly how I acquire leads for my clients by driving traffic to their landing pages. Your SAS firm may earn a lot more money from this upsell, and your service is more useful to the customer since you are now providing leads straight to them. As a side aside, I’ve been using it recently to whip together high-quality films in record time. You won’t even need to be in the video for it to perform the narration, music, and anything else. So, let’s remember that scenario. Now that I have everything ready to go, I want to film a tutorial on raising capital for a company. Comment on my thinking. I just entered this into chat GPT, so I’m going to start again by clicking “New Chat.” I plan on creating a video on the topic of business funding. Just suggest some potential directions and I’ll take it from there. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome it hurts. Great idea; please get started on it. It’s likely now beginning to make sense to you how this may help your company. Making videos, starting a YouTube channel, and developing further content are my goals. Email sequences for further communication often take little more than a day, if that. An hour of use of such a tool would allow you to send 15-20 follow-up emails. In the same vein, I will proceed. I suggest you begin a blog.

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Instead of dealing with videos on YouTube, you may create a blog and publish short articles instead. Google Chrome even allows users to create their own extensions. I mean, really, you guys, this stuff is incredible. We really simply wrote in a blanket statement, but hey. This is my goal, therefore I’ve been scanning these numbered lists in search of anything promising. You may also preface your sentence with “like,” meaning, “Okay, that’s something I want to concentrate on, so I take it in and have it grow on that specific bullet point.” Here are, like, six choices from which I could choose. I recorded the information in a Google doc and can now produce six distinct types of media. You probably already know that the first thing you should do is brainstorm a list of potential themes for your website, video series, email newsletter, or anything else you plan on using. You then develop these concepts more in discussion, GPT; so, um, let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each suggestion; let’s look at many examples of fun and business financing; okay, so I’m going to go now; let’s leave. Let’s put it this way: that’s incredible. So, let’s assume I’ve decided to put pen to paper. Crowdfunding, Angel Investing, and Venture Capital would all be helpful to me. So, let’s suppose I’ve got some startup money and I want to start a blog or film a video. Alright, so keep an eye on this: A plan for a blog post on packing your bags, calculating your budget, and saying, “All right, let’s go!” Okay. Well, I guess that settles it. I’m sorry I’ve been so sluggish today. My apologies for the inconvenience. Check out these human beings. Are we to assume that only males are involved here?

Investigating the GPTOK OTO Offering

Because of this, everything has shifted. Among the most powerful instruments I’ve seen. This is likely the case as you have advanced to a higher level. In this very document, you will find your blog’s blueprint. This is a viable method for composing copywriting scripts. Tell me what you think about this. A video script of no more than 500 words, or, uh, data on start-up funding Since we already have a blog and a framework for the blog, we will be receiving a 500-word video screenplay on venture capital. In this section, you’ll find detailed explanations of each point made in the blog’s overview. Depending on the level of specificity you want, the following might serve as the basis for an entire blog post: Now I can finally ask, “What are the benefits and drawbacks of venture capital?” You should have a clearer picture of what lies ahead when you follow the white bunny. You begin with a wide general idea, narrow it down into each bullet point, and have it elaborate on that, and soon you have a fantastic script. You’ve written a fantastic blog post, article, piece of content, follow-up, email, or anything else you want to call it. What exactly are the advantages, and um, sure.

Review of the GPTOK OTO

It seems like we’ll have to hang around here for a while, which is, uh, quite nuts, folks, since now I can. Once I’ve finished here, I’ll get to it. I’m holding the script right now. All OK, and I can use an affiliate link on a service like Pictory. I really appreciate it down here, fellas Help the channel out by clicking the link. But suppose you are uncomfortable with the idea of being videotaped. You don’t want to be the one to perform the voiceover. It’s also not ideal to shell out hundreds of dollars for a voice actor’s services. For illustration’s sake, check out the voiceover rates on; they can be rather steep. What term would you use then? Perhaps “victory.” You can make it happen. The most awesome part about Victory 2 is that we can steal the screenplay from that conversation and use it for the voiceover if you so like. Gpt merely provided us the opportunity to click “Proceed,” so we may put in the script. Then, of course, we’ll want to place each phrase on its own line, and it will essentially produce a whole new film with distinct scenes generated from different source footage. Here, let me offer you a simple illustration. I’m going to do a separate video discussing this method right now.


Repeatedly, please register to watch that. For demonstration purposes only, I created this movie in around 30–45 minutes, albeit it took me a little longer since I’m a little fussy. Before you start developing a business plan, be sure to obtain a free custom financing plan by filling out the form in the description to learn more about the best funding and credit choices for your specific firm and sector. Wow, you guys are awesome! Oh man, a few of the video sequences weren’t working, so I had to fix them. The image may not be flawless, but it captures the gist of what occurred, and reshooting any problem areas is a breeze. I want to dedicate an upcoming video to covering the topic in more detail.

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