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Hardwood Timber Sleeper Suppliers On The Sunshine Coast

As one of the original construction materials, timber is one of the few natural, renewable building materials. Due to it’s renewable and sustainable nature, timber is non-toxic, safe to touch, ages well and does not break down into environmentally damaging material. 

In addition to being a carbon-positive product, timber is also a cost-efficient building material ideal for a number of indoor and outdoor construction projects.

The Natural Choice

There is no doubt that timber sleepers offer a myriad of exciting properties and benefits. Timber has been referred to as a miracle building material as it boasts clean, cost effective, attractive and long-lasting properties.

When it comes to building structures that need to stand the test of time, timber sleepers prove that it has the needed resilience and strength while offering unique building and aesthetic advantages over concrete and steel. Such advantages include: 

  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Versatile and customisable
  • Aesthetic and stylish
  • Durable and Long-lasting

Softwood vs Hardwood Timber Sleepers

When working with timber sleepers for your Sunshine Coast construction project, utilising the correct wood is crucial. While both hardwood and softwood sleepers are visually similar, there are several key difference between these timber materials.

Hardwood timber sleepers are versatile, durable and robust. These properties offer a long lasting and maintenance free alternative when compared to softwood sleepers. Moreover, hardwoods are denser giving them a degree of fire resistance, making them an ideal material for outdoor projects such as garden paths and retaining walls.

As hardwood timber specialists, we focus on offering our clients everything they need to improve their outdoor space. Whether you are gardener looking to add a new flower bed or a tradesman building a new home extension, Gowan Lea Timbers have the products, experience and on-site timber service to help.

Get Superior Hardwood Timber Suppliers

Hardwood timber sleepers have quickly become a popular material for outdoor and landscaping construction. From their gorgeous looks to their durability and lifespan, these sleepers have the potential to play an integral role in your outdoor design.

At Gowan Lea Timbers clients are spoilt for choice! We offer an extensive range of hardwood timber sleepers. With decades of experience, our timber specialists offer expert advice, ensuring you get the right timber solution for your project.

In addition to providing outstanding hardwood timber sleepers, our fully integrated planing shed allows us to handle all your timber dressing, oiling and profiling requirements. 

Partner With Award Winning Timber Suppliers

Hardwood timber sleepers inherent qualities are being more widely recognised for construction on the Sunshine Coast. 

Having supplied hardwood timber for a number of notable construction projects around Australia, Gowan Lea Timbers has built a reputation for providing premium hardwood and offering a comprehensive service to clients seeking expertise on the best timber for their project. For all your hardwood timber sleeper needs on the Sunshine Coast, you can depend on the services, value and expertise from our team of industry experts.