Gorshkova Anastasia Alekseevna Biography – sculptor and designer

The creative biography of Anastasia Gorshkova began when she was a student. Creating interior solutions in her free time, she saved up for her first European trip.

Childhood years, the first steps in creativity

Anastasia Alekseevna Gorshkova is 35 years old. She was born in a small Ural town – Serov. However, since childhood, she has lived in Moscow. In the Russian capital, her parents moved soon after her birth.

She grew up in a creative family. Her father was an artist and, from an early age, instilled in his daughter a love of drawing and art in general. Her mother was a professional figure skater in her youth.

Every weekend in the Gorshkov home, culinary evenings were held, to which relatives and close friends were invited. Anastasia always helped her mother with cooking and especially loved making dumplings. She treated the process of creating this dish as a work of art. The future designer became interested in modeling with salt dough – she easily turned a simple material into an absolute masterpiece.

Then she became interested in the art of pottery and attended master classes. Once, she spent almost four hours making a gift for her mother’s birthday. It was a small jug still kept in her parents’ apartment.

Each time her work became more and more elaborate. They were included in the expositions of schools and then district and regional exhibitions.

Gorshkova Anastasia took her first steps in interior design at the age of 12 when she was helping her parents with apartment renovation. She decorated her children’s room, chose the color of wallpaper and curtains, and drew a plan with the furniture arrangement.

“Even then, I realized I wanted to make the space where people live more beautiful and cozy,” noted Anastasia.

She always imagined herself as a landscaper at the family’s country house. She loved looking after flowerbeds and decorating the land.

Education and career

Her parents supported their daughter in any endeavors, especially creative ones. That is why she immediately received their approval when she asked them to transfer her from an ordinary Moscow school to the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum under the Russian Academy of Arts. Her father was convinced that her childhood hobby would grow into something more significant and might become the basis for her future profession.

Dreaming of entering a specialized high school, Anastasia Alekseevna Gorshkova applied to the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. Successfully passing the entrance examinations, she became a student of sculpture. Teachers noted her out-of-the-box thinking.

She combined her studies with part-time work. All evenings she created designs of apartments and country houses for family, friends, and relatives. The girl also offered her clients designer sculptures, installations, and jewelry that perfectly complemented her interior design solutions.

The budding designer’s client base was expanding. Her projects, which received many positive reviews, became attractive to owners of elite Moscow real estate.

These part-time jobs brought her good earnings, sufficient for frequent travels in Europe. Abroad, she visited exhibitions, galleries, and museums with interest. She made new acquaintances with foreign colleagues, who later helped her to place her work in local venues.

After graduating with honors, she went on a trip again — this time for training at art schools in Berlin and Vienna. After gaining valuable experience, she began to work at the intersection of avant-garde movements such as surrealism and abstractionism.

Today Gorshkova Anastasia Alekseevna is the author of design solutions for popular European cafes, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. One more critical direction of her work is the artistic design of art house theaters.

Her clients are institutions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague. Because of the vast geography of her projects, she often has to fly by plane. Once, she visited five different countries in a week.

Anastasia Alekseevna Gorshkova is also developing her art school for talented children who want to make a name for themselves and realize their creative ideas. Teenagers from orphanages, low-income and large families can study here for free.